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team communication strategy
25 02 2020
Your Team Communication Strategy: How to Implement Video Calls

Just two decades ago, talking to another person on the other side of the world in real-time was unheard of....

How we use eyeson
19 02 2020
How we use eyeson at eyeson

There are a lot of ways how teams can communicate with each other. With all the great tools out there,...

seniors new technologies
13 02 2020
Guess What, Seniors Like Technology Too

Young people may roll their eyes when reading this title, but it's wrong to say that seniors can't use technology....

Coworking Spaces
27 01 2020
The New Coworking Spaces

Many freelancers struggle to differentiate between working hours and free time. When you work in an office, it is easy...

candidate experience
21 01 2020
Candidate Experience – 5 Golden Rules to Help You Get Better

We all have been through a recruiting process, and not every recruitment process left the same impression on us, right?...

manage team remotely
15 01 2020
How to Manage a Team Remotely

Do you manage a team remotely? It can be quite challenging to lead a team to start with, but what...

video conferencing etiquette
07 01 2020
Video Conferencing Etiquette: Tips for Your Next Video Meeting

If you use video conferencing frequently,  then this article is for you. Just like in real life,  there are rules...

freelance app developer
17 12 2019
Why Your Next App Developer Should Be Freelance

On the hunt for a great app developer or software developer? If so, you may experience an extremely competitive job...

Digital Disruption
11 12 2019
Digital Disruption: How To Prepare Your Business

Digital Disruption - What Is It? Digital disruption isn’t anything new and already changing businesses around the planet. It gives...