new video meeting tool
12 11 2019
Choosing a New Video Meeting Tool: 7 Questions to Consider Beforehand

Are looking to find a new video meeting tool for you and your team?  Bringing new software to an organisation,...

Working Remotely: How Productive Is It Really?
07 11 2019
Working Remotely: How Productive Is It Really?

Working remotely isn’t just a concept of the future - it is already happening. Remote work is trending - either...

improve your working environment
04 11 2019
Improve Your Working Environment: Become a Happier Employee

Your back hurts from sitting the entire day on an uncomfortable office chair, the colleague at the office next to...

why are we still commuting
31 10 2019
Working From Home: Why Are We Still Commuting?

Did you know that people living in the city of Los Angeles spend an average of 102 days per year...

Beautiful women during video call
25 10 2019
6 Tips to Look Better on Video Calls

Video calls and meetings are getting more important and increasingly influence our daily business communication–here’s what you need to know...

Saastock 2019
25 09 2019
Place-to-be: eyeson at the SaaStock 2019 in Dublin

October will be a very busy month for us here at eyeson. Our expo team is going on a short...

TechCrunch Disrupt 2019
02 09 2019
We are going to San Francisco 🎵 – eyeson at TechCrunch Disrupt 2019

We're going to TechCrunch Disrupt 2019! As if this years hasn't been exciting enough, there’s still so much more on...

Remote Work
29 07 2019
The Need for a Video Meeting Tool for Remote Teams

You cannot put all team members magically in one office room but with eyeson you can easily join a video...

Station F
20 05 2019
Station F: eyeson joins Zendesk partner program in Paris

STATION F – THE WORLD’S BIGGEST STARTUP CAMPUS Did you know that eyeson has won the Zendesk assessment to join the...