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Remote Worker - Mental Health
23 09 2020
How to support your remote workers’ mental health – 5 Tips

More and more remote workers - since the onset of the COVID19 pandemic, a lot more people have started working...

Secure your Data
16 09 2020
Secure video conferencing for Europe

Amazon elects an ex-NSA chief to the board of directors, Microsoft develops the cloud for the Pentagon, and according to...

Keep in touch as freelancer
15 09 2020

The world of freelancers is growing and growing. Only in the USA in 2019 there were approximately 57 million freelancers,...

online learing is booming
09 09 2020
Online learning: Tipps for your success for teaching online

Online learning and online courses are booming. Especially solopreneurs - new for self-employed - often offer sophisticated sales funnels and...

digital learning should be easy
07 09 2020
Digital learning for companies, executives and HR managers

Why digital learning? Studies have shown that (in)company training is facing profound changes due to the changed requirements - those who...

Invate Guests to online event
03 09 2020
How to Write a Perfect Invitation Email for Any Virtual Event

So, you want to host a virtual event and plan to send out invitation emails to the people you’re inviting...

26 08 2020
Stable Meetings – How We Prevent Downtime

Video Meetings are becoming an ever so important part of our lives, whether for company meetings or educational purposes, not...

Woman at an Online Job Interview
19 08 2020
First Online Date Vs. Online Job Interview: 3 Important Differences

A typical first online date often resembles an online job interview — quick, unemotional, to the point, with many questions...

remote work and loneliness
13 08 2020
Remote Work and Loneliness: 5 Tips for Digital Nomads

In the 2019 State of Remote Work report, loneliness was named the second most significant challenge for remote employees. Loneliness...

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