Station F
20 05 2019
Station F: eyeson joins Zendesk partner program in Paris!

STATION F – THE WORLD’S BIGGEST STARTUP CAMPUS If you know anything about STATION F (the Paris-based business incubator for startups),...

Group Video Call License
07 05 2019
eyeson’s easy group video call license system

No worries - everything is super easy as you can buy our group video call licenses simply online. Read here...

Successful collaboration
24 04 2019
The eyeson AppConnect: the place for successful collaboration

When you are working in a team, successful collaboration is definitely one of the key points. All members of the...

16 04 2019
How to reduce the CO2 footprint of your business life

The world matters. This is a fact and not an opinion. We are all aware of the effects of climate...

Video Meeting Data
09 04 2019
Store your video meeting data in your Dropbox

Saving your meeting data in your Dropbox? Well, that’s possible from now on. Our web developer Michael 👨🏻‍💻 is eager to...

collaboration tools
03 04 2019
Team collaboration tool eyeson fits perfectly into the new working trend

The terms new work and Work-as-a-Service (WaaS) are taking over 🚀 the offices. Employers have to react as this trend is inevitable...

Collaboration tool
25 03 2019
Collaboration tools are synergizing: eyeson & Trello

Is Trello one of your favorite collaboration tools? For us it is! We love to organize our projects with Trello 😍...

Team Meetings
18 03 2019
Start eyeson team meetings in your Slack channel

Do you love Slack as much as we do? We use Slack on a daily basis to communicate with our...

video conferencing provider
12 03 2019
Video conferencing provider eyeson is part of the GoSiliconValley Initiative 2019/20

For the video conferencing provider eyeson it is time to celebrate 🎉 . Just last week, we got the notification...