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Customer Relations

Transform CRM and support with Eyeson One View, merging real-time interactions and data insights to elevate customer relations and amplify business impact.

Elevate Business Interactions & Customer Care

Streamline your business processes and enhance customer support with our integrated video conferencing solution. Seamlessly integrate it into your CRM for synchronized data and enriched interactions. Elevate your customer service experience with live video guidance, boosting effectiveness and personalization.

Key Benefits

Transforming Communication & Collaboration

Eyeson provides the most flexible solution for your individual needs.

Efficiency Maximization
Seamlessly integrate data and communication, centralizing resources in the cloud.
Enhanced CRM Interaction
Directly engage within your CRM platfrom for screencasting and seamless document sharing.
Data Display
Customize layouts and elements for tailored data presentation and visibility.
Dynamic Collaboration
Merge data and live media in custom layouts for real-time interactions during meetings.
Seamless Data Sharing

Get Connected with Eyeson One View

Welcome to a new era of enriched communication and enhanced data utilization. Eyeson redefines communication by effortlessly integrating diverse video streams, enabling compliant data sharing, and embedding crucial API information.

Add Additional Phone Camera via QR

Boost your flexibility and join the call by simply scanning a QR code. Get unique angles on challenges with hardware.

On-the-Fly Guest Link Invites

Expand your group with our guest link feature. Spontaneously add people fast while still keeping compliant.

Document Presentation – Secure, No Screen Share

Showcase authorized documents without screen sharing with our seamless virtual desktop capabilities.

Know Your Customer – Authenticate with Snapshots

Enhance customer authentication processes with real-time snapshots for improved security and accuracy.

Troubleshooting & Media Sharing

Improve your troubleshooting process by sharing videos/documents from the library alongside screencasts for an all-in-one experience.

Integrated Video with Call Notes

Enjoy fully integrated video alongside call notes for seamless communication and enhanced collaboration.

Eyeson for Salesforce

Streamline Your Business Processes with Guided Workflows

Eyeson for Salesforce is designed to simplify the complexities of running a business by integrating video meetings into Salesforce, offering guided workflows, and ensuring compliant document sharing. This tool is the ultimate solution for businesses seeking to streamline operations, maintain compliance, and enhance their Salesforce reporting capabilities. With Eyeson, users can enjoy seamless integration, improved efficiency, and better data analytics without leaving the Salesforce environment.

  • Guided Meeting Journeys
  • Secure Document Sharing
  • Autosync Meeting Data
  • Compliant Operations
  • Enhanced Salesforce Reports
Secure Stream Recorder

Put your Recording on Autopilot with Secure Stream Recording

We've partnered with a top contact center to create an automatic video call recording system, reducing manual errors and seamlessly saving recordings in your CRM. This system starts recording based on certain triggers, ensuring secure storage. It enhances team coaching by analyzing call patterns and allowing supervisors to join calls to guide agents. This feature accelerates training and improves service quality, meeting the demands for efficient team performance and quick customer issue resolution.

  • Automated call recording 
  • Secure cloud storage – instant upload
  • CRM integration
  • Real-time coaching
  • Quick onboarding
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

Not sure how Eyeson can help you?

Schedule a live demo with one of our friendly experts who'll guide you through the product you're interested in and see how Eyeson transforms communication.