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Layout Control

Customize video layouts dynamically with the Eyeson API. Adjust views in real-time and prepare layouts for any use case, ensuring optimal display for all participants.
Eyeson API

Video Interfaces with Dynamic Layout Control

Dive into the extensive features of Eyeson Call Control, from multi-party conferencing and screen sharing to dynamic content integration and real-time analytics.
Real-Time Customization
Modify layouts on-the-fly to adapt to changing meeting dynamics.
Flexible Layouts
Create and deploy layouts suited for any development scenario.
Optimized Viewing
Guarantee a seamless visual experience across all devices and connection types.
Media Inject & Sources

Visualize any Type of Media or Stream

Eyeson One View enables developers to integrate a wide array of media sources directly into a unified video and audio stream in real-time including IP cameras, bodycams, drones and real-time data visualizations. All connected clients receive the same synchronized content simultaneously, maintaining consistency across all views.

Layers & Layout

Predefine Custom Call Layouts

The Layout Control API provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to use custom or default layouts with definable rectangles for size, position and content fitting rules. Position elements freely across the display matrix and layer them with precision in both the foreground and background. This pixel-perfect customization ensures that you can tailor the interface to suit the unique requirements.

Layout Control Features

Full Control via the API

Eyeson offers comprehensive layout control capabilities through its API. Detailed documentation provides insights into endpoints, parameters, and response data, giving developers the tools to dynamically configure and manage video call layouts in their applications.
Layout Create dynamic video layouts with automatic updates and custom positioning.  
Layers Set fore- and backgrounds integrating any data, such as images or text messages in your video stream.  
Snapshot Create snapshots of the current call – all saved in Eyeson's cloud storage and downloadable from there.  
Messages Broadcast messages to all participants, enabling real-time information sharing and coordination.  
Playbacks Besides images, you can also play WebM, MP4, or MP3 videos, as long as they're hosted on a public URL.  

Start a fully featured video call with a single request – embeddable into your site or app using the iFrame API.

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