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Secure Stream Recording

Experience the Next Level of Data Capture: Secure, Compliant & Scalable Solutions for Every Industry.

The Secure

An unmatched solution for capturing streams across any sector—securely saving your important talks, ensuring compliance with regulations, and allowing you to review interactions as needed. Think of it as your go-to resource for maintaining everything from quality control to team training.

Key Benefits

4 Reasons why

Eyeson Stream Recording is the perfect solution for all recording needs.

Versatile Recording
Capture any stream – audio, video, or VR – ensuring comprehensive documentation.
Secure Storage
Automatically store files in your cloud of choice, maintaining security and privacy.
Seamless Integration
Integrate easily into any workflow, with the flexibility to adjust as processes evolve.
Scalable Solutions
Effortlessly scale your system with our support, adapting to your needs.
CRM Integration

Seamless Call Recording for Contact Centers

Eyeson's Stream Recorder automates call capture, securely storing conversations directly in your CRM, making it the perfect assistant for contact centers across all industries.

Call Recording on Autopilot

Forget about the hassle of hitting 'record' every time – important conversations are automatically saved when specific actions occur, such as screen sharing. All data is securely stored in the cloud, beyond the reach of clients or agents to alter. Furthermore, these recordings are seamlessly integrated into your CRM, linking everything together effortlessly.

It’s like having a smart assistant dedicated to keeping your communications organized and accessible.



Team Coaching & Supervision

Eyeson's Stream Recorder is transforming contact centers by elevating the plateau of service quality. It offers retrospective coaching, allowing for detailed analysis of agent behaviors and workflows through recordings. Additionally, the supervisor mode enables real-time participation in client-agent conversations, ensuring the highest standards of service quality are maintained.

Acting as an invisible assistant, this tool supports agents during calls, facilitating real-time assistance and faster resolution times. It's an invaluable asset for boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of contact center operations.

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