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Eyeson for Salesforce

Enjoy video meetings inside Salesforce, guided workflows and compliant sharing of documents.


Still working outside Salesforce?

Running a business can be challenging, especially when it comes to compliance and following intricate processes. But why make your life harder than it needs to be?

Introducing Eyeson for Salesforce – your ultimate solution for seamlessly navigating through processes while staying compliant. With its guided workflows and enterprise-level document sharing of pre-approved files, you can streamline your operations like never before.

And the best part? You can even showcase the impact on Salesforce reports. Let Eyeson for Salesforce simplify your business complexities, so you can focus on what really matters.


Why Eyeson for Salesforce?

There is no single answer to this question. Each individual perceives distinct advantages in our product, and these are the ones we firmly believe have the greatest impact on our customers' lives.

Streamlined workflows
01 Streamlined workflows
01Streamlined workflows

Streamline sales and customer service in Salesforce with guided account openings, policy signings, tech support.

Auto-sync of meeting data
02 Auto-sync of meeting data
02Auto-sync of meeting data

Automatically sync meeting data into Salesforce for traceability while protecting sensitive info with limited screen sharing.

Remote identity verification
03 Remote identity verification
03Remote identity verification

Remote identity verification and "Know Your Customer" processes enabled through visual checks and ID snapshot capture during video meetings.

Compliant recording
04 Compliant recording
04Compliant recording

Compliant recording of sensitive conversations like policy signings stored directly within Salesforce. Recordings can be accessed for audit purposes.

Zero-download meetings
05 Zero-download meetings
05Zero-download meetings

Zero-download meetings for customers - just click a link in Salesforce to join a video session. No installation needed.

Agents stay within Salesforce
06 Agents stay within Salesforce
06Agents stay within Salesforce

Agents never have to leave Salesforce, switching tabs or applications during customer interactions. Fully integrated.

Usage analytics
07 Usage analytics & meeting history
07Usage analytics & meeting history

Usage analytics and meeting history available within Salesforce for better visibility into engagement.

Configurable workflows
08 Configurable workflows & branding
08Configurable workflows & branding

Configurable workflows and UI branding allows customization to industry and customer needs.

“We finally found a tool which helps us documenting each step of information sharing in the customer journey. And all without leaving Salesforce.”
Thomas L.Product Owner at one of the TOP 5 banks in the EU


EUR 39/user/month
All features included
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