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Eyeson One View

Empowering Critical Decisions with Trusted Omnimedia Communications

Eyeson One View

Empowering Critical Decisions with Trusted Omnimedia Communications

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Eyeson One View

Build Game-Changing Software with our Innovations

Our patented One View is designed to change emergency response and incident management, offering a suite of cutting-edge features to enhance situational awareness, streamline collaboration, and optimize decision-making. Focusing on resilience, scalability, and seamless integration, our field-proven system ensures reliable communication when it matters most. By prioritizing security, privacy, and compliance, we provide a platform you can trust to safeguard your sensitive data.
  • Patented visualization with layout API
  • Resilient communication technology with API & SDKs
  • Unified and synchronized live data, audio and video
  • Field-proven, scalable multi-party infrastructure
  • Security, privacy and compliance by design

Eyeson for Salesforce

Create guided processes for compliance and only allow sharing pre-approved content instead of desktop content. And everything from within Salesforce.

Tailored Solutions for Your Industry

Eyeson One View is the go-to solution for real-time omnimedia communication. Effortlessly organize your content, securely share information, and integrate video streams as needed, all within a customizable layout tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Public Safety
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Utilities
  • Insurance

Why Eyeson?

With Eyeson One View, you're empowered to create custom layouts that align with your operational needs, ensuring efficient, impactful communication in every scenario.


Easy join

Share your situation mapping across all agencies easily. Multi-agency collaboration with all kinds of devices is just a QR scan away.


All Sources

Layout changes happen instantly, so you can always see what matters most. Make all kinds of cameras, drones and even data available to the extended team.

Fresh Perspectives Await

News and information on video calls, video conferencing, and video communication technology and solutions. We provide guides on how to build a video call application, discuss trends driving the technology – especially artificial intelligence, and provide resources to get the most out of video conferencing.
"Our integrated Eyeson Video Communication Solution has been a lifesaver for our emergency response system. Reliable and critical in our missions."
Carlos F.A happy CTO from a European Command & Control Center
“We finally found a tool which helps us documenting each step of information sharing in the customer journey. And all without leaving Salesforce.”
Franziska L.Product Owner at one of the TOP 5 banks in the EU
"The Stream Recorder by Eyeson is the perfect tool for capturing and analyzing data streams. It's made our data processing more efficient than ever."
David S.A Pleased data analyst from a Digital Consulting Firm in Portugal

Experience Eyeson One View

Book a live demo now and witness firsthand how Eyeson is changing our communication! Our friendly expert team will showcase the unique benefits Eyeson can bring to your organization.