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Seamless real-time communication, boundless customization.


Next-Gen Video Conferencing

Eyeson One View is built for next-generation video conferencing. Its patented technology merges all sources into a single video stream and gives you complete sync for maintaining high operational standards.

Key Benefits

Unify Complex Data & Communication Seamlessly

Eyeson One View offers unmatched situational awareness by synchronizing all data sources in real-time, ensuring immediate, informed collaboration. Capable of handling dynamic video streams like drone footage with minimal latency, it allows full customization to meet specific needs. Optimized for low bandwidth and CPU usage, requiring no installation, and adhering to strict standards, Eyeson One View is ideal for efficient, reliable communication.

  • Simultaneous real-time display for aligned decision-making
  • Customizable setup without user installation
  • Low bandwidth and CPU usage – optimized performance
  • Integrates live video, documents and data visualizations seamlessly
  • Scalable infrastructure with broad distribution options

Video, Audio, Data & Design Integrate Seamlessly Through Our API



Core Benefits

Explore the Main Benefits & Their Impact

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