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Call Control

Unlock robust, scalable video conferencing capabilities with our patented MCU+ server and developer-friendly API.

The Core:
Eyeson MCU+

The Eyeson MCU+ is a powerful, cloud-agnostic server designed for scalable and efficient real-time media processing. It supports comprehensive video conferencing features and seamlessly integrates custom data and media from any sources. With automatic scaling to handle increased demand, it ensures robust and low-latency performance, ideal for dynamic video solutions.

Eyeson API

Build & Control

Easily start and manage video meetings with the Eyeson API. Quickly initialize meetings, manage participants, adjust layouts, and control media streams in real-time. The API also supports advanced features like screen sharing, recording, and custom data overlays, offering developers simple tools to enhance and tailor video conferencing solutions.

Eyeson Call Control

Main Capabilities

Streamline call control with the Eyeson API: a developer-friendly toolkit designed for effortless integration and endless possibilities in building scalable, feature-rich video conferencing solutions.

Multi-Party Conferencing
Supports seamless integration of multiple video streams for collaborative and interactive meetings.
Dynamic Content Integration
Enables the inclusion of custom data and media overlays, enriching the conferencing experience with real-time interactive content.
Automatic Scalability
Features an elastic architecture that adjusts resources dynamically to handle varying loads, ensuring consistent performance.
Call Control Features

Full Control via the API

Eyeson provides a full suite of collaboration & call control features. The detailed API documentation covers available endpoints, their parameters, and response data, equipping developers with the tools to enhance their applications.
Authorization There are two levels of authorization: team-based via API key and user-based temporary access key.  
Rooms Within an Eyeson room, all features like broadcast, recording, layout, and data injection are directly controlled.  
Guest Link A guest user only has access to a running session. Once it ends, the user cannot join the room again.  
Lock & Kick Sometimes it's necessary to remove users or lock the room, allowing only active participants.  
Recording Recordings are saved in Eyesons cloud storage and can be downloaded from there.  
Broadcast To connect an Eyeson room with a broadcast, you just need to provide a valid streaming RTMP URL.  
Eyeson Documentation
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