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Public Safety


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Challenges in Public Safety

Eyeson synchronizes insights and people, providing one view to bring the team on the same page in a Virtual Interactive Situation Room.

The main challenge in remote team collaboration is misaligned views caused by diverse perspectives and data visualizations, leading to operational misunderstandings due to inadequate real-time data synchronization.

To solve this, teams have achieved faster coordination by delivering accurate insights to the right people through a unified, real-time video stream of audio, video, and data inputs.

The Virtual Interactive Situation Room

Eyeson One View empowers critical synchronised decisions with Omnimedia communications to police, ambulance and other emergency services for coordinated response to incidents.
Full Awareness
Enhance security and decision-making with shared situational awareness.
Swift Deployment
Fast deployment, easy access, effective mobilization – join via URL or QR on the go.
Seamless Integration
Foster synergy through smooth integration of diverse components.
Robust Resilience
Ensure failsafe operations with uninterrupted, reliable performance.

Synchronized C2 from Anywhere

  • Omnimedia Communication: Integrate multiple media sources for comprehensive situational awareness.
  • Real-Time Communication: Ensure synchronized and seamless information sharing.
  • Data Fusion: Combine various data inputs & video sources into a single, cohesive view.
  • Multi-Party COORDINATION: Enable effective collaboration among multiple parties with minimal bandwidth usage.
  • Click to Join: Simplify access with easy-to-use Links or QR codes – join operations in seconds.

Add Drones into Your Real-Time Communication

Easily embed drone streams to ensure seamless monitoring and accelerate critical decisions.

Telemedicine in a box

Rapidly interoperate with first responders anywhere, anytime

Explore a versatile platform designed to integrate assets and data for field medics and first responders. Facilitating quick and effective decision-making, our system supports a variety of data formats and ensures that all participants have access to the same information. With an emphasis on rapid deployment, compact portability, and failsafe resilience, our technology is designed to respond to disasters with speed and efficiency. Seamless integration into existing networks, including satellite communication, is a key feature. Equip yourself with the tools you need to respond swiftly in critical situations.

  • Rapid deployment
  • Failsafe resilience
  • Seamless integration
telemedicine rescue layout
Police Operations

Set up virtual situation rooms for all assets to counter any threat

The secure mission management solution seamlessly integrates data assets enabling commanders to manage distributed assets using AI for tasks like object tracking in conferences. Built with redundancy to ensure continuous availability, it provides integrated, easy-to-use capabilities for effective operations, briefings, and crisis management. Rapidly deployable, it supports missions globally through secure communications and integration with existing networks and infrastructure standards.

  • Comprehensive operational view
  • Rapid deployment
  • Non-stop availability


Safely coordinate multiple teams in any condition

The solution enables rapid response to environmental conditions by integrating and sharing real-time mission data and AI-fused analytics from diverse sources across assets, providing shared situational awareness through a common operational view. Built with redundancy for continuous availability, it simplifies coordination and geolocation while supporting effective collaboration and decision-making. The proven, robust technology seamlessly connects teams and assets with essential information.

  • Shared situational awareness
  • Safe and simple to use
  • Non-stop availability
fire brigade layout

Curious about Virtual Interactive Situation Rooms?

How Eyeson's One View can be used to fuse critical information with real-time communication.

Explore further use cases

Critical Infrastructure

Enhance communication and safety in critical infrastructures with real-time video broadcasting. Stream video to both remote workers inside the facility and a centralized command center, enabling swift decision-making and immediate responses to potential issues.

Stadium Security

Optimize stadium security with real-time video feeds. Enable swift decision-making to potential issues, ensuring a safer environment for players and spectators. The command center can quickly assess situations and provide instructions for effective responses.

Oil/Gas Platforms

Enhance communication and safety with real-time video, enabling swift decision-making and immediate responses. Record and store footage for continuous improvement and training, ensuring a safer and more productive work environment.

skyscraper security
Skyscraper Security

Enhance skyscraper security with real-time video feeds. Enable swift, coordinated responses from both remote security personnel and the command center. This ensures rapid decision-making, improving overall safety and efficiency.


Ready to Enhance Your Operational Success?

Optimize efficiency, enhance compliance, and secure data with Eyeson One View. Discover seamless integration and customized communication tools for a competitive edge.