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Eyeson for Drones

Eyeson One View is the optimum working environment for all types of drones. Streamline your workflow and gain real-time insights for efficient and effective aerial operations.

Situational Awareness in Real-Time

The main difference between a person in a video meeting and a drone is that the person does not move. On the other hand, a drone requires the video to change drastically from frame to frame. Modern video stabilization and compression can assist in creating a video experience that is helpful for situation assessment. Video quality is critical for observation and orientation. But that is not all: For a real-time experience, low latency and metadata are essential ingredients.

Where Others Fail

Eyeson's ability to handle numerous video feeds simultaneously sets it apart from other video platforms. The required bandwidth and processor demands are significantly reduced by creating a composite video canvas view and sending a single video stream frame by frame to each client, making the platform more fault-tolerant of poor connections. 

  • Patented bandwidth optimization
  • Low latency (<250ms) allows real-time interaction
  • Omnimedia allows metadata (from drone speed to weather) to be displayed
  • Completely synced video brings you data vectors for each timeframe
  • AI/ML ready data, since video and displayed metadata are in context & sync

How to Add a Drone

Adding a drone to an Eyeson One View is a straightforward process:

Get Eyeson Ghost
Download Eyeson Ghost RTMP server, install & start it.
Start Meeting
Start an Eyeson meeting & insert
the guest link into Eyeson Ghost.
Connect the Drone
Start RTMP live streaming on your drone by
entering the IP address of your PC.

Need more instructions?

Check out our detailed guide on how to set up Eyeson Ghost and connect it to your drone or get in touch with us.
Next Steps

Eyeson Innovations for Drones

One View for Multiple Drone Integrations

Eyeson One View offers seamless integration of live video feeds from multiple drones, and multiple video views from one drone, enhancing public safety agencies' situational awareness and response capabilities. By efficiently managing bandwidth, Eyeson ensures minimal latency in drone video transmission. This allows real-time monitoring and analysis of critical situations from multiple aerial perspectives. The ability to combine these drone feeds with other data sources, such as body cameras and control room dashboards, within the Eyeson One View interface provides a comprehensive and synchronized view of the incident scene. This integration empowers decision-makers with a bird's eye view, enabling more informed and effective coordination of ground operations. Eyeson One View's drone integration capabilities are a game-changer for public safety, offering unprecedented visibility and insights to support rapid response and successful mission outcomes.

Eyeson in a Drone

The concept "Eyeson in a Drone" integrates Eyeson One View technology into drones to offer an innovative surveillance or OmniMedia platform. Equipped with, for example, four cameras that together enable a 360-degree view, and supported by a variety of sensors as well as infrared technology, this system aims to facilitate comprehensive data collection and visualization from the air. Each drone represents its own One View license, which promotes specific customization and deployment flexibility. Connectivity via Starlink ensures reliable real-time data transmission, even in remote areas, making the concept suitable for a wide range of applications.

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