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Patents &
Open Source

Discover the highlights of our patented innovations and open-source contributions.

Innovations shaping the future of real-time communication

At Eyeson, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of Omnimedia real-time communication through our innovative research and development work. Our curiosity and thirst for knowledge have led us to create groundbreaking technologies that enhance the user experience and solve real-world challenges.


Single Stream Technology

Method and device for audio and video-based real-time communication

Our server can mix and deliver multiple streams. In addition, it can switch between SFU and MCU mode.


Video Conference System

The system addresses the need for a comfortable, flexible, and secure video conferencing experience by allowing the creation of a comprehensive conference protocol document, including presentations, audio and video streams, timestamps, participant notes, and authentication features such as digital signature capabilities. The system's central server coordinates commands, the conference server manages audio/video streams, the data server processes general data like presentations, and the authentication module handles participant authentication and signature collection for the protocol document.


Switching between streaming & bidirectional

Method and system for audio and video-based real-time communication

In some use cases - e.g., e-learning or company all-hands - having bidirectional communication for the whole meeting is unnecessary. This is why you can switch between these modes.


Smart Bandwidth Adaption

Method for adjusting a data stream to be transmitted to a resource load & method for adapting a data stream to be transferred to a resource consumption

Eyeson's patented smart bandwidth management technology ensures that everyone reliably receives the highest video quality achievable, adapting in real-time to the varying conditions of network connectivity and devices in the field.


Layout with layers

Method to transfer information

Eyeson One View can show information of any kind as images. In addition, it is capable of stacking images and creating foreground and background layers.


Voting mechanism

Video conferencing system for performing a video conference and for passing resolutions

Passing resolutions in a compliant way via video conference. Application hereof is not only in politics but also in corporate settings.


AI-driven communication

Realtime AI support in live video stream

A multi-modal AI interface that can identify and process in real time, and save and distribute as metadata

US 63/490,274

Massive online real-time communication

Video conferencing systems and respective methods

A method to bring 200k+ active participants into a call. Thus paving the way for a completely new interactive format.

Open Source

Eyeson Ghost

Eyeson Ghost is a Go Host Streaming Client. It consists of an RTSP client and an RTMP server.

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