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Smart Bandwidth: Resilient and Optimised

Optimal bandwidth given the situation.

Eyeson’s patented smart bandwidth management ensures everyone receives the highest video quality achievable, adapting in real-time to varying network connectivity and device conditions.

How it works

In-Depth Explanation

Smart Bandwidth Management facilitates dynamic bandwidth adjustment by adapting frame and bit rates in audio and video codecs. Essentially, the MCU+ generates optimized quality streams to the connected clients, varying in resolution, bitrate, and frame rate. 




The selection of the appropriate quality stream for each client is determined by leveraging RTCP feedback and Transport Wide Congestion Control (TWCC), ensuring optimal performance on a per-client basis and always adapting to the current network conditions of the individual clients, regardless of whether they are connected via LAN/WLAN, 3G/4G/5G or SATCOM.


Clarity, Mobility, Efficiency & Savings

clear and reliable visual information
Mobile accessibility is greatly improved
The industry’s lowest bandwidth congestion
Potential cost savings in group video calls

Optimize Your Connection

Don't let fluctuating network conditions disrupt your vital communications. Eyeson’s revolutionary smart bandwidth management technology guarantees you the clearest and most reliable video quality, no matter where or what device you're using.