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& Control

Situational awareness is the foundation of effective communication and collaboration for critical decision-making in complex environments.


& Control

Situational awareness is the foundation of effective communication and collaboration for critical decision-making in complex environments.

Your Virtual Interactive Situation Room

With the Eyeson API and SDKs, set up virtual rooms instantly accessible from any via URL or QR code. Enable real-time multiparty collaboration and fuse data into a single Omnimedia stream for efficient operations and decision-making.

omnimedia real-time communication

Create a layout which brings all necessities together. Have live streams from all kinds of cameras with contextual information like maps, weather or telemetry data.

  • Drones, CCTV, Bodycams
  • People on mobile phones or stationary devices
  • Contextual live data
  • Custom layouts and branding

synchronized decision-making

In order to make a decision everybody needs access to the same data at the same time. This synchronization of information allows for full situational awareness and human in the loop.

  • Observe from a common viewpoint
  • Orient yourself with contextual information
  • Decide and act knowing the full picture
  • Join from anywhere via link

Empowering Decentralized Command

Eyeson One View enables the immediate creation of virtual interactive C2 environments by local teams. This different approach allows the organizations to manage multiple surging situations more effectively. The ad-hoc virtual situation rooms allow immediate gathering of information and people, providing a greater situation awareness for more informed decisions across paralleled operations.
  • On-the-fly establishment of virtual situation rooms
  • Ad hoc Integration of diverse assets: personnel, drones, system interfaces, and geospatial data
  • Enhanced reactivity to emerging situations from response units
  • Empowerment of remote teams with their own C2 capabilities

What does it take for your team to see the whole picture?

Eyeson One View provides public safety, defense and emergency response teams with real-time data aggregation and a centralized virtual situation room for improved situational awareness and coordination.

  • Real-Time Data Aggregation: Enhances situational awareness and coordination by combining data from e.g. drones, bodycams, ...
  • Centralized Situation Room: A unified portal for better team outcomes and shared situational awareness.
  • INSTANT ACCESS: Full command and control accessible from anywhere, one click away.
  • Unified Intelligence: Supports emergency response and complex operations with real-time intelligence and human in the loop.
  • Transformative Potential: Improve your operations and unlock your team's full potential.

Control Every Element of Your Operational Interface


Gain full control over your operation room's layout and elements, allowing you to design and customize every aspect to meet your specific requirements. This ensures your content is effectively showcased, enhancing team engagement and operational efficiency.

  • Integrate data from your system into the call
  • Ensure uniform visibility for everyone
  • Enhance your situational awareness
  • Enrich the information by meta information

Seamless Command & Control on the Go

A virtual interactive situation room ensures swift, synchronized operations with instant access. Full command and control is available from anywhere with a single click, allowing for quick mobilization and remote management. Keep all parties informed and coordinated, enhancing situational awareness for immediate decision-making.

Main Benefits

fusion Omnimedia Fusion One View injects live streams from drones, bodycams, system interfaces, data and live video from multiple participants into a single, easy to manage Omnimedia stream. Read More crowd Multiparty Interactivity One View is not limited to oneway videos, it includes a native and high performance multiparty video call capability for cross agency communication and human in the loop processes. Read More realtime Real-time Synchronization The One View Omnimedia stream is presented synchroneously to all participants via a fully programmable & dynamic layout (adapts in <40 ms). Read More rest api Full Programmability One View is a full set of APIs and SDKs to manage layouts, flows, calls, performances and integration with third party AI or other systems. Read More multiple_devices Instant access Share a private URL or QR code with participants to allow an instant access to a One View session, from wherever they are with any device. Read More rocket Deployment versatility Deploy on public cloud, private cloud, or customer-managed cloud. Even deploy embedded, while delivering the reliability and security you need. Read More speedometer Smart Bandwidth One View dynamically adjusts bandwidth by modifying each client's audio and video frame and bit rate. This creates a resilient connection for challenging settings. Read More icons8-security_shield Compliant and secure One View is natively encrypted and can be deployed in private networks. Omnimedia recording and detailed logs options are available for compliance and analysis. Read More
artificial_intelligence AI ready architecture Inject your AI (NLP, Vision) into One View sessions at different stages to filter, prioritize, detect, enrich and assist.  

Experience Seamless Coordination in Critical Moments

Empower your team with Eyeson One View’s Virtual Interactive Situation Rooms. See how it works in a live demo or talk to our experts and start making synchronized, critical decisions with omnimedia communications.