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The People of Eyeson

We are Eyeson

Join our team and be part of our mission to revolutionize communication. Discover how we capture and integrate valuable information to empower businesses and exceed customer expectations. Invest in our vision and help shape the future of digital communication.
Eyeson in a nutshell

Eyeson is enabling video calling in digital business processes since 2010

The founders brought two things with them: real-time communication experience and a vision. Andreas Kröpfl & Michael Wolfgang envisioned real-time video conferencing which supports businesses. “Highest communication quality meets best business process support” was the motto. And it still is.

Andreas Kroepfl (CEO) and Michael Wolfgang (CTO)

Let’s give communication back the meaning.

Today Eyeson’s capabilities to create meaningful video calling makes it not only a Gartner Cool Vendor. To link company data sources with video calling enables fully integrated digital business processes around the world. From KYC to drone-supported operations, from enhanced support to compliant telehealth services.

We're a hybrid-remote company

Our team has the flexibility to choose where and when they want to sit in the office, making it possible to create a working lifestyle that fits each unique personality. For us, it is important to foster greater diversity without any barriers.

eyeson work ethics in pictures

Come for the job. Stay for the culture.

fun at eyeson
working at eyeson impressions

Become a part of Eyeson

We are always on the lookout for exceptional talents and fun people to work with.