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Just launched – Eyeson for Salesforce
Video meetings inside Salesforce with guided workflows and compliant document sharing
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Eyes on Public Safety: Revolutionizing Crisis Response with the Footage from Body-Cams


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Unrivaled Flexibility
& Connectivity

At Eyeson, we're not just about being at the forefront of video call layout and design – our focus extends to reshaping connectivity across diverse data types and sources. Discover innovation that goes beyond the expected and elevates your virtual communication experience.

Leading Call Visualization

Custom Video Layouts with Eyeson One View

You can use one of the grid layouts provided or define your own communication layout.

Define each container quickly & easily
Define each container quickly & easily

Each container can be defined with its position on the video canvas by width, height and corner coordinates as well as the fill type.

Organize containers freely
Organize containers freely

Any layout works: grid, free-form, or stacked.

Define the background
Define the background

From a plain background color to complex animations. You can define a canvas element as a backdrop to your call.

Add meaning with an overlay
Add meaning with an overlay

A foreground can be added to provide a meaningful and relevant experience to users. From logos to TV-style lower thirds, everything is possible.

Ensure brand consistency
Ensure brand consistency

Make sure that calls align with your corporate identity and messaging down to typography, color schemes and style.

One View Layout

A New Era in
Call Customization

Eyeson One View elevates your communication experience with flexible layouts, dynamic backgrounds, and brand-aligned overlays, turning every call into a uniquely branded and engaging interaction.

Seeing is believing!

Elevate your calls with Eyeson's incredible layout flexibility. Design a one-of-a-kind call layout view that effortlessly incorporates your brand style and offers a seamless data sources integration. Book a demo to experience Eyeson One View in action.