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& Security

Fully GDPR

Experience the pinnacle of secure, compliant communication with Eyeson One View. We prioritize safeguarding your data and proudly adhere to stringent GDPR guidelines. Our robust measures ensure the highest data protection standards, guaranteeing your information is handled with utmost care and security. Your data sovereignty is our commitment.

Secure & Compliant

Built with Compliance in Mind

Eyeson One View offers advanced security and compliance. Capture every detail with the screen grab and compliant call recording, ensuring control and privacy. Your data stays yours, with on-demand meetings and secure guest links for ultimate data protection.

Screen Capture
Eyeson One View allows screen captures via code for process documentation and KYC.
Consistent Recording
Record calls as participants see them, ensuring uniformity in what's documented.
Data Control
Your data remains within your control, even when displayed on our system.
Data Ownership
We never store your data, whether you're sharing documents or recording meetings.
On-Demand Meetings
Calls are created and ended as needed, no persisting data like recordings or snapshots.
Secure Guest Access
Add external participants to calls with one-time valid links for security.

100% Encrypted – at rest & in transit

Enhance security as your team grows with Eyeson One View. As users expand, our API seamlessly switches to MCU mode, offering heightened security. Connect effortlessly to the MCU, where video streams are securely mixed. Trust our robust AES-256 encryption for secure streams in transit and at rest. Experience compliant calling with Eyeson.

Just in time - temporary meeting server The lifetime of the meeting servers is restricted to the time span of the meeting. When there is no meeting, there is no server. You cannot reopen a meeting server as it is created on demand.
Just enough access Since the server is only alive for the time of the meeting the attack surface for security breaches is getting smaller. Communication data or other data on the meeting server is not stored elsewhere. If a recording is triggered the recording will be handed over to the provided webhook but cannot be altered by a participant.

This principle of just enough access is also true for all streams coming to the MCU. Data shown in a video call is never submitted and stays in your system. What is transmitted is an image of the data. This is very important for enterprises with tiered access to private or sensitive data.
User verification by trusted channel Since our API is just creating the meetings the invites are encrypted links that can then be sent to the participants via a trusted channel. This can be either a message or an email that is held by a trusted partner.

In most installations, there is a login with additional security features before the meeting can be started. These range from hardware devices to 2-factor authorization.
Threat landscape is kept small Since there is only a limited number of connections outbound and inbound and there is no required software other than a web browser the threat landscape is kept small. No additional ports need to be opened in the firewall and no configuration overhead for the IT department.

Stay compliant & secure

Ensure GDPR compliance and secure your meetings with Eyeson One View. Capture crucial moments, record with accuracy, and maintain data sovereignty. Your data is yours, always. Experience the pinnacle of secure, compliant communication in our demo.