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Eyes on Public Safety: Revolutionizing Crisis Response with the Footage from Body-Cams


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Eyeson API Overview

To embed real-time video, voice, data visualization, layout, streaming and recording functionalities into your apps and web services without having to build and maintain the infrastructure.

Simple & Intuitive

5 Minute Integration

Get up and running in no time with a single request. Start from scratch or integrate our repositories from GitHub. Sign up for a free Eyeson API key and get 1,000 min/month for free. No credit card required.
Fully white label

Build it your way

Optimized for low hardware needs, ready to be integrated into your project.

Go mobile

Web-based or native

Prebuilt UI
Fully-featured GUI – free of charge. Customize it and ready to use.
Integrate video calls in your iOS app with this SDK including demo app.
Android SDK
Integrate video calls in your Android app with this SDK including demo app.
Build it your way
Convenient JavaScript package to help you build a custom user interface.
The Power of Video Calls

Comes with the API

API Docs & more

Get ready to code

Read the latest documentation from our developers which help you to implement the Eyeson video conferencing API.

API Docs

Sign up, get an API key and get started with our API documentation.

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Find examples, Q&A and library implementations on GitHub.

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Tech Blog

Our developers post regularly to provide you with useful info.

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