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Experience the future of video communication with our integrated technology. Merge participants, media, and live data into one stream for easily integrable solutions.
patented single stream

The Concept

Merge participants, media & live data in real time into a single stream:

  • The bandwidth always stays the same, regardless of the number of participants (1.5 Mbits up / download per client)
  • Recordings include all sources in one video and can be replayed directly after the live event
  • „Unified broadcasting“ – all participants see the same video and slides
  • Video quality always stays HD
  • Real-time broadcasting, independent of the number of participants
What you get

Integrate participants, streams & data

The key technology to support a wide range of video layouts, as the single stream merges any live media, data and participants in real-time into a single video and audio stream, distributed to all connected clients and guarantees that everyone sees the same in the same time. 
Is what you see

Integrate into your solution

A single request to our API service can start a video session. Use our default web user interface with plenty of customization options for a quick start. However, if the provided options do not fit your needs you can easily build your own interface.

Protect your data

Your video meetings are both secure and private, it's important to choose an API with the right features and measures for protecting your data. 
Remove the blind spots

More than just an MCU


No credit card needed. 1,000 minutes included.