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Just launched – Eyeson for Salesforce
Video meetings inside Salesforce with guided workflows and compliant document sharing
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Eyes on Public Safety: Revolutionizing Crisis Response with the Footage from Body-Cams


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On-premise or hybrid

Create your Custom Solution in the Cloud

Cloud-Based Simplicity
Enjoy automated scaling and load balancing with Eyeson's cloud-based managed hosting, designed for ease and efficiency.
On-Premise for Specific Needs
Opt for our on-premise solution for unique requirements such as satellite connectivity or operations in private networks.
Hybrid Solutions
Eyeson offers customized hybrid solutions, combining the best of cloud efficiency and on-premise security.

Managed Scalability – Higher Performance

Managed Servers

In ensuring top-notch customer performance, Eyeson strategically manages cloud capacity, scalable video coding, and data resources. The Eyeson API serves as a guarantee for resource optimization, ensuring unparalleled performance.

The incorporation of Kubernetes empowers Eyeson to seamlessly meet evolving requirements. This dynamic platform facilitates rapid application deployment with scalability in focus. It enables quick addition of new servers, automatic adjustments to the number of running containers, health checks, self-healing mechanisms, and more, contributing to an optimized and high-performing environment.

Secure Meetings – Temporary Servers

For enhanced user security, the Eyeson API dynamically generates a unique instant link to initiate a temporary server in the cloud dedicated to each specific meeting. This meeting server operates solely for the duration of the meeting, ensuring privacy and data integrity. Upon session completion, the server is promptly terminated, and all associated data is deleted.

Acknowledging the challenges in digital environments, Eyeson assures users of 100% GDPR compliance, country-specific regulations, robust encryption methods, and stringent measures for security and data protection.

Scaling Configuration

1 Cloud Instance = 1 API Video Session
The Eyeson API dynamically creates a unique virtual cloud server instance for every video session to optimize cloud performance.

Revolutionizing conventional workflows, Eyeson introduces a cloud-based video conferencing service that boasts a 100% browser-based experience, fueled by cutting-edge WebRTC technology - proudly 'made in Europe'. Eyeson's cloud services stand ready for immediate global scalability.

Monitor Your Service Usage Eyeson offers a user-friendly, self-service portal available 24/7, providing seamless access to monitor service usage and track processes. Enjoy heightened transparency and control in your operations.

Adaptive, Flexible & Custom

We have specialized algorithms to scale your use as you need it. 

Grow the use at your own speed and benefit from our managed video service.

Our API supports your global expansion plans before you think about them: Out of the box.

Cloud Capacity

Default Cloud Service Providers
Choose one of our currently supported cloud service providers: Amazon AWS, T-Systems, Exoscale. Eyeson helps you choosing the provider that fits your needs.

On-premise Location
With our independent cloud approach, you can also use your own provider: a private cloud, a cloud provider you trust, or simply the cloud account of your company.

Explore the Possibilities

Whether you prefer the simplicity of the cloud, have specific on-premise needs, or seek the best of both worlds with a hybrid solution, Eyeson's got you covered. From expertly managed servers to adaptive scalability, our hosting grows with you. Try it now.