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Mobile Gaming

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Mobile Gaming

Challenges in Mobile Gaming

Streaming as a group with minimal impact on gaming devices, regardless of the number of participants in the video call, presents several challenges. Eyeson addresses these issues effectively, ensuring no frame-dropping and maintaining a high-quality streaming experience. And the video call can be streamed effortlessly on Twitch, Youtube, etc.

  • Performance Impact
    Ensuring group streaming has minimal impact on devices, avoiding frame-dropping and maintaining high-quality streaming.
  • Real-Time Synchronization
    Achieving synchronized viewing for all participants, ensuring everyone sees the same content without delays.
  • Bandwidth and CPU Usage
    Managing low bandwidth and CPU usage effectively, even with many participants in the video call.
  • Integration and Customization
    Merging various live media, data, and participants into a single stream while allowing custom overlays and backgrounds.

Level up your Mobile Gaming Experience

Eyeson provides an API video service where teams can see the screen of each member at the same time during gameplay.
Fully Browser-based
Fully browser-based solution without any downloads for seamless connectivity.
Efficient Performance
Low bandwidth and CPU usage regardless of the number of participants.
Seamless Synchronization
Ensuring all participants see the same content simultaneously.

Interactive demo: Embedding live streams

Play around with our demo and display various live streams directly in any video meeting.

Merge live media & data for a fully interactive gaming experience.

Custom Multiplayer Video Layouts for Gaming

Eyeson API enables merging any live media, data, and participants in real-time into a single video and audio stream. This allows the integration of nearly every media stream directly into video meetings while letting developers configure the best-fitting layout for each use case. You can also add custom overlays and backgrounds.

  • Live Participants: Gamers, Coaches, Analysts
  • Live Media: Up to 4 parallel Screencasts & 8 Video Overlays
  • Back- & Foreground Layer: Individual Overlays and Design

layers image


Cloud Processing Service

The Eyeson MCU+ service is an enhanced software cloud MCU (Multi Control Unit, based on Eyeson Single Stream Technology) that provides an API for group video conferences adding custom data & media content to the video stream.

  • Fully browser-based
  • Low bandwidth and CPU Usage even with many participants
  • All participants see the same content at the same time

Ready to transform your mobile gaming experience?

Discover how Eyeson can optimize your group streaming, ensuring seamless synchronization, efficient performance and full customization. Get started today and elevate your gaming sessions to a new level of interactivity and quality.