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Eyes on Public Safety: Revolutionizing Crisis Response with the Footage from Body-Cams


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Cloud MCU

Advantages of video calls based on the patented Multipoint Control Unit (MCU)

Tech Explained

Cloud Processing Service

The Eyeson MCU+ service is an enhanced software cloud MCU (Multi Control Unit, based on Eyeson Single Stream Technology) that provides an API for group video conferences adding custom data & media content to the video stream.


MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) 
The streams from all participants will be collected on a virtual cloud server instance. Only 1 single stream (SST) is sent back to all participants.mcu


SFU (Selective Forwarding Unit) 
The stream is directly forwarded to the other participant. This happens without additional processing of the video. sfu


MCU+ transcodes video, audio & data streams into one single stream

Decoding & Converting
Incoming video streams from each client are decoded into a raw video format. Incoming data stream are converted into pictures or single frames.
Mixing & Layout Manager
Video frames from incoming video stream and media conversions are mixed into one single frame. The layout manager can position each source separately.
Encoding & Streaming
The mixed stream is encoded in one video stream and send to all connected client, as well used for recording and live streaming services.

Easy Configuration & Management

Show any content inside your video using the Eyeson API or Eyeson JS. Set up the workflow for your use case as it best fits your needs.
Data Injection
Show any content inside your video using the Eyeson layer service. Inject live data sources directly into the MCU (live video, video files, images, text).
Layers & Layouts
Specify layers, positions & sizes for live data source injection. Use predefined video call layouts. Enable/disable video for participants connected to MCU.
Add or remove audio and video sources (moderator features). Show selected sources in fullscreen mode on the MCU.
External Stream
Connect external video sources like IP cams, MCU to CDN networks for broadcasting or phone lines. Trigger & manage recordings on your MCU.

Tech Insights

Each cloud instance is controlling a wide range of functions for group video conferencing and data processing such as video and audio transcoding, mixing, streaming, recording, data & media injections and more.

Explore eyeson's superior MCU service

The Eyeson MCU+ service is a cloud software service that allows organizing group video conferences between video conferencing endpoints, enhanced with additional custom media streams, like data, TCP/IP cams, etc.