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Eyeson API

Seamless video conferencing, boundless customization.


Next-Gen Video Conferencing

Eyeson API is built for next-generation video conferencing. Its patented technology merges all sources into a single video stream and gives you complete sync.

Key Benefits

Discover the power of Eyeson API ...

... specifically designed to meet the demands of today's managers and decision-makers. 

Our innovative solution offers unparalleled situational awareness, ensuring all participants are on the same page with complete synchronization and a true real-time experience. Eyeson API's ultra-low latency is perfect for handling rapidly changing video streams, such as drone footage, while its fully customizable and white-label capabilities empower you to make it your own. With low bandwidth and CPU usage, no user installations, full compliance with industry standards, and session-based pricing, Eyeson API is the perfect choice for businesses seeking a seamless, efficient, and cost-effective video conferencing solution.

  • Real-time synchronicity: everybody sees the same thing at the same time
  • Customizable, seamless deployment: no user installation required
  • Low bandwidth and CPU usage
  • Embed real-time video (also cameras, streams) and documents
  • Build sophisticated data visualizations on top of your video layer.
  • Restream to any video service you want
  • We scale the infrastructure automatically for you.

All your video & data streams merge into a single video stream.



Key Benefits

How you benefit

01 Synchronized Conferencing
01Synchronized Conferencing

Everything is synchronized: videos, streams, data streams, events allow full situation awareness.

Everybody sees the same thing at the same time.

02 Fully Customizable
02Fully Customizable

The white label interface offers a fully customizable interface, one face to the customer and clients.

Top video calling functionality without the operational overhead.

03 Low Bandwidth & CPU
03Low Bandwidth & CPU

Less than 2 MBit/s per client is needed, no installation and full support for every device.

Impress with excellent video & audio quality on all devices.

04 Integration in Minutes
04Integration in Minutes

Create a meeting in one line of code & use our templates to build video solutions within minutes.

Code smarter, not harder.

05 Session-based Pricing
05Session-based Pricing

Simple pricing & licensing, just pay for the time you use our service. Free API key for testing.

Reduce development costs and focus on creating great services.

06 Full Compliance
06Full Compliance

Meet country specific requirements, GDPR compliant, choose server location/provider.

Peace of mind for privacy and security.

Protect your data

Your video meetings are both secure and private, it's important to choose an API with the right features and measures for protecting your data. 
API Pricing

Everything you need to build your solution with Eyeson video call API

Free for developers

Free sandbox API key
No credit card required
All features included
Fair use policy

No costs as long as you develop.

Enterprise options

Select Video API Light/Large
Configure cloud provider 
Configure cloud location 
Configure cloud scaling 
Solution consulting 
Premium support 
Special discounts
For extensive corporate usage. Pay what you use.