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Flexible Deployment & Performance

Deploy and scale: Bring your innovations directly to users with our Scalable Cloud MCU.
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Deploy and Scale

Harness the power of Eyeson's managed cloud scaling service to deploy and scale your real-time omnimedia communication solution effortlessly. Our patented Single Stream Technology, implemented in the MCU+ core video conferencing service, ensures optimal performance and unlimited scalability across multiple cloud providers.

With Eyeson's expertise in cloud capacity management, you can focus on delivering exceptional user experiences while we handle the intricacies of server management, resource optimization, and security. From temporary servers for secure meetings to seamless scaling configurations, Eyeson's cloud scaling service empowers your business to thrive in the dynamic landscape of video collaboration.

  • Managed Hosting: Eyeson manages cloud capacity, scalable video coding performance, and data management, ensuring resource optimization and highest performance.

  • Secure Meetings: Eyeson generates instant links to start temporary servers unique to each meeting, enhancing security and compliance with GDPR, country regulations, encryption, and data protection.

  • Scaling Configuration: The Eyeson API generates a unique virtual cloud server instance for every video session, optimizing cloud performance and enabling worldwide scaling.

Deployment Modes

Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Customer Managed Cloud and Embedded


On-Cloud (public | private)

The system is hosted and managed on a remote server by Eyeson, accessible over the internet.

  • Location: any geography, any specific server (Open Telekom Cloud, AWS, Exoscale)
  • Scalability: Highly scalable. Eyeson adjusts based on demand.
  • Compliance: Dependent on the cloud provider's compliance with industry standards. From Eyeson the strict privacy laws of GDPR are applied.
  • Maintenance: Public handled by Eyeson; users are only responsible for customization. Private handled by customer.
  • Use Cases: Suitable for businesses needing flexibility, scalability, and remote access.
  • Initial Costs: Both cloud setups share the treat of predictable subscription costs. Please get in touch for details.
  • Operating Costs: Ongoing subscription fees; costs scale with usage.



Customer Managed Cloud

Your team installs the system which runs on your servers. 

  • Location: Your infrastructure
  • Scalability: Limited by hardware and physical infrastructure.
  • Compliance: Easier to ensure compliance with industry regulations due to direct control.
  • Maintenance: Responsibility of the user; requires IT staff for maintenance and updates.
  • Use Cases: Preferred by organizations requiring control, security, and compliance.
  • Initial Costs: Higher upfront costs for hardware, software licenses, and infrastructure setup.
  • Operating Costs: Maintenance, upgrades, and energy costs for running servers and infrastructure.




Integrated directly into a device or system. Most likely we are talking about a mobile deployment in a vehicle or protective container.

  • Location: Mobile
  • Scalability: Very hard to scale. Designed and optimized for a specific use case.
  • Compliance: Compliance is specific to the industry and application of the embedded system.
  • Maintenance: Minimal maintenance; may require updates or patches for software.
  • Use Cases: Ideal for specialized applications such as mobile units.
  • Initial Costs: Varies depending on the complexity of the embedded system.
  • Operating Costs: Varies depending on complexity; primarily costs associated with software updates or hardware replacements.

Managed Scalability – Easy Configuration & Management

Managed Servers

To secure customers' performance Eyeson manages the cloud capacity, scalable video coding performance and data management. The Eyeson API guarantees resource optimization and therefore highest performance.

Kubernetes allows Eyeson to keep up with the requirements. It brings some great features that enable deploying applications fast with scalability in mind, such as when adding new servers quickly, automatically changing the number of running containers, health checks as well as self-healing, and so on.

Secure Meetings – Temporary Servers

For the users’ security, the Eyeson API generates an instant link to start a temporary server in the cloud that is unique for the given meeting. The meeting server will be running only for the duration of the meeting. Once the session is concluded, the server will be terminated and the data deleted. 

Being aware of the challenges of the digital environments, Eyeson guarantees customers 100% compliance with GDPR, country regulations, encryption, security and data protection.

Scaling Configuration

1 Cloud Instance = 1 API Video Session
To optimize the cloud performance the Eyeson API generates for every video session a unique virtual cloud server instance.

Eyeson enhances traditional workflows with a cloud-based video conferencing service that offers a 100% browser-based service with WebRTC technology - "made in Europe". Eyeson cloud services can immediately be used for worldwide scaling

Monitor Your Service Usage Eyeson provides a free self-service portal that is accessible anytime to easily monitor your service usage and track processes for the highest transparency in your processes.
MCU+ patented Single Stream Technology Eyeson is a technology leader in the field of Smart Unlimited Video Collaboration. The cloud software is based on the patented Single Stream Technology and is unlimitedly scalable. This results in smooth, high-quality video collaboration with constant bandwidth, regardless of the number of participants.

Single Stream Technology is implemented in Eyeson’s core video conferencing service “MCU+”, scalable via multiple different cloud providers.

How does it work?

The Eyeson MCU+ service is an enhanced software cloud MCU (Multi Control Unit, based on Eyeson Single Stream Technology) that provides an API for real-time communication, adding custom data & media content to the video stream.

MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) 
The streams from all participants will be collected on a virtual cloud server instance. Only 1 single stream (SST) is sent back to all participants.mcu_diagram _red


SFU (Selective Forwarding Unit) 
The stream is directly forwarded to the other participant. This happens without additional processing of the video. sfu_diagram_ _red


Nothing is better than some code & documentation

Of course: There is always coffee and code. But nothing explains code like good documentation and example code.