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Operational Benefits

Low on

Step into a world where communication effortlessly flows through download-free calls. Here, we've fine-tuned Memory and CPU usage, along with low bandwidth requirements, bringing real cost savings – all thanks to our cutting-edge WebRTC technology.  Eyeson One View is not just technology; it's a smoother way to connect and save.

Smooth Operations

Maximize Savings, Minimize Resources

Use the power of Eyeson One View’s WebRTC technology for efficient calls with minimal hardware demands, ensuring low bandwidth usage and significant cost savings.

Instant Calls,
No Downloads
Eyeson One View utilizes WebRTC for full functionality without any installations or downloads.  
Efficient Memory
& CPU Usage
Optimized to conserve Memory and CPU, Eyeson One View works smoothly even on less advanced hardware.  
Low Bandwidth &
Energy Savings
With just one stream up and down, Eyeson One View significantly reduces bandwidth and energy usage.  
Cost-Effective Cloud Architecture Eyeson's cloud-centric design minimizes network and hardware costs, delivering substantial savings.  
Simplified Integration
& Upselling
Easily integrate Eyeson One View into your software, adding value and creating new revenue streams.  
Accelerate effectiveness & decisions Eyeson One View's adaptability aligns with your process, speeding decisions and streamlining digital workflows.  

Experience Seamless Integration

Experience enhanced efficiency, cost savings, and revenue growth through our seamless integration, compliant file sharing, and API data enrichment. Connect effortlessly to IoT sensors and CRM systems, unlocking valuable operational and financial insights.