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Secure Stream Recording

With Eyeson Secure Stream Recording, you can record any kind of stream. Store your communications for compliance purposes, or simply keep a record of your streams for later reference or analysis.


Why a Stream Recording Solution?

With Eyeson Stream Recording, you can easily keep compliant records of customer communication, so you can prove to your clients what information was communicated by agents. Companies in industries such as Banking, Insurance, Fintech, and Legal can use Eyeson Stream Recording to keep track of their client interaction and provide a detailed record of customer communication. 

Moreover, stream recording is an effective way to ensure the quality of customer communication, as it can be used for internal quality management and training. Stream recording is also becoming increasingly important for companies to remain compliant with customer communication regulations. With Eyeson Stream Recording, you can easily record any stream you desire and keep a record of your streams for later reference or analysis.

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How it works

How does Eyeson Stream Recording work?

Eyeson Stream Recorder needs to be integrated into your application. In order to record the stream of audio, video, A/V or data you will receive a library that can be used to connect with the Stream Recorder.

Let's jump through the process step by step.

1. Create a session With your clientID, token, streamID and a webhookURL you create a session on the webservice.
2. Start Recording With a trigger in your system you start the recording sending an uploadURL, webhookURL and  ID. Examples of triggers are the start of an agent session, the initiation of a screen share or similar events from the agent or client sphere.
Whatever the trigger is, the WebRTC streaming session is started and recorded.
3. Stop Recording Just like the starting of the recording the stop can be triggered with your ID or is ended once the stream ends.
4. Upload of recording to client cloud storage The recording is then uploaded to the client storage. This can be anything, most of the time it is an S3 bucket. Since the communication was triggered from inside your system, the recording is linked to the case, incident or package in your system.
5. Webhook upload_ready Once the upload is finalized successfully the Stream Recorder sends the webhook upload_ready. Once the upload is with you again the cloud recording gets destroyed.

Nothing is better than some code & documentation

Of course: There is always coffee and code. But nothing explains code like good documentation and example code.
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Stream Recording Solution for Any Type of Stream

Eyeson stream recording is a great solution for businesses of any size. Whether you need to record and store audio or video streams, Eyeson has you covered.

Eyeson stream recording is also a great solution for businesses that need to maintain compliance with regulations. Eyeson provides a secure, compliant platform for recording and storing audio and video streams.

When we say we can record anything we mean it. As long as you send a stream we can record it. Obvious data include desktop screens, audio streams, video streams or any other stream. So if you record VR communication or do some next-generation communication we also got you covered.

Security & Privacy of Stream Recording

Our stream recording security system ensures that your recordings are only stored temporarily on the cloud system, as files. The stream does not get decoded and can also be encrypted for extra security.

After delivery to the S3 bucket, the memory is released, making your copy the only one in existence. Additionally, we offer scalability with our service, giving you the flexibility to modify your needs as they arise. Our system provides secure recordings that can be accessed easily and efficiently.

Trusted Partner

At Eyeson, we have decades of experience in enabling meaningful communication, even in the most critical environments. 

In our mission to give communication meaning, we noticed that some of our partners were having difficulty with generating automatic compliance recordings. We wanted to solve this issue so that our partners can operate with peace of mind and rely on the data they require. 

That is why we created Stream Recording - an enterprise-grade recording platform that enables secure and efficient recordings. With Stream Recording, our partners are able to generate automated compliance recordings easily and accurately, allowing them to focus on what really matters - meaningful communication.

Beyond Stream Recording

We also support a supervisor mode where supervisors can join an active call to make sure that quality is at a maximum in real-time. This is only possible for recorded streams. And of course, these supervisions are logged.

Also, check out our solutions for Contact Centers and Support for other features such as co-browsing and coaching mode.

Eyeson Stream Recording is a cloud-based solution that can be integrated into any existing SaaS, IaaS or PaaS application. No changes need to be made to the data flow.
It also supports both audio and video recording. But the most important thing is that you can record everything that gets sent over a stream!

Key Benefits

4 Reasons why

Eyeson Stream Recording is the perfect solution for all recording needs.

Simple Integration
Easy to integrate into complex workflows
Using technology to scale fast and automatically
Your recordings are in your storage and encrypted at transit
Records anything
You can record any type of stream on your data storage