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Situation Room

Situational awareness is the foundation of effective communication and collaboration in complex environments.

Situational awareness can be enhanced through effective communication & shared decision-making.

Bring everything together

Create a layout which brings all necessities together. Have live streams from all kinds of cameras with contextual information like maps, weather or telemetry data.

  • Drones, CCTV, Bodycams
  • People on mobile phones or stationary devices
  • Contextual live data

Everybody sees the same at the same time 

In order to make a decision everybody needs access to the same data at the same time. This synchronization of information allows for full situational awareness.

  • Observe from a common viewpoint
  • Orient yourself with contextual information
  • Decide and act knowing the full picture


What does it take for your team to see the whole picture?

  • Real-time data aggregation enhances situational awareness and coordination
  • Centralized virtual 'situation room' for better team outcomes
  • Combine data from drones, bodycams, and mobile sensors
  • Unified, real-time intelligence: future of emergency response and complex operations
  • Shared situational awareness through a single portal
  • Implement a fully integrated environment within 6 months
  • Transform operations and unleash team potential




How you benefit

[ 00110001 ] Synchronized Conferencing
[ 00110001 ]Synchronized Conferencing

Everything is synchronized: videos, streams, data streams, events allow full situation awareness.

Everybody sees the same thing at the same time.

[ 00110010 ] Fully Customizable
[ 00110010 ]Fully Customizable

The white label interface offers a fully customizable interface, one face to the customer and clients.

Top video calling functionality without the operational overhead.

[ 00110011 ] Low Bandwidth & CPU
[ 00110011 ]Low Bandwidth & CPU

Less than 2 MBit/s per client is needed, no installation and full support for every device.

Impress with excellent video & audio quality on all devices.

[ 00110100 ] Integration in Minutes
[ 00110100 ]Integration in Minutes

Create a meeting in one line of code & use our templates to build video solutions within minutes.

Code smarter, not harder.

[ 00110101 ] Session-based Pricing
[ 00110101 ]Session-based Pricing

Simple pricing & licensing, just pay for the time you use our service. Free API key for testing.

Reduce development costs and focus on creating great services.

[ 00110110 ] Full Compliance
[ 00110110 ]Full Compliance

Meet country specific requirements, GDPR compliant, choose server location/provider.

Peace of mind for privacy and security.