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Situational awareness is the foundation of effective communication and collaboration in complex environments.

Situational awareness can be enhanced through effective communication & shared decision-making.

Bring everything together

Create a layout which brings all necessities together. Have live streams from all kinds of cameras with contextual information like maps, weather or telemetry data.

  • Drones, CCTV, Bodycams
  • People on mobile phones or stationary devices
  • Contextual live data

Everybody sees the same at the same time 

In order to make a decision everybody needs access to the same data at the same time. This synchronization of information allows for full situational awareness.

  • Observe from a common viewpoint
  • Orient yourself with contextual information
  • Decide and act knowing the full picture


What does it take for your team to see the whole picture?

  • Real-time data aggregation enhances situational awareness and coordination
  • Centralized virtual 'situation room' for better team outcomes
  • Combine data from drones, bodycams, and mobile sensors
  • Unified, real-time intelligence: future of emergency response and complex operations
  • Shared situational awareness through a single portal
  • Implement a fully integrated environment within 6 months
  • Transform operations and unleash team potential



Show any type of data in specific positions



As the layout and elements are completely under your control, you have the freedom to design and customize them to perfectly align with your unique preferences and specific requirements.

With complete control over the layout and elements, you can ensure that every aspect of your operation room is tailored to showcase your content and engage your audience in the most effective way possible.

  • Integrate data from your system into the call
  • Ensure uniform visibility for everyone
  • Enhance your situational awareness
  • Enrich the information by meta information
Key Benefits

How you benefit

01 Synchronized Conferencing
01Synchronized Conferencing

Everything is synchronized: videos, streams, data streams, events allow full situation awareness.

Everybody sees the same thing at the same time.

02 Fully Customizable
02Fully Customizable

The white label interface offers a fully customizable interface, one face to the customer and clients.

Top video calling functionality without the operational overhead.

03 Low Bandwidth & CPU
03Low Bandwidth & CPU

Less than 2 MBit/s per client is needed, no installation and full support for every device.

Impress with excellent video & audio quality on all devices.

04 Integration in Minutes
04Integration in Minutes

Create a meeting in one line of code & use our templates to build video solutions within minutes.

Code smarter, not harder.

05 Session-based Pricing
05Session-based Pricing

Simple pricing & licensing, just pay for the time you use our service. Free API key for testing.

Reduce development costs and focus on creating great services.

06 Full Compliance
06Full Compliance

Meet country specific requirements, GDPR compliant, choose server location/provider.

Peace of mind for privacy and security.