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Contact Center

The market for contact centers requires the highest effectiveness. Find out how Secure Stream Recording powered by Eyeson will put your recording on autopilot and enable you to push your team to the next level.

Built With One of the Best Contact Centers

Together with one of the leading contact center solutions, we developed a module for video call recording on autopilot with built-in monitoring modes for supervision. Manual processes are prone to errors. While recording is common with phone channels there are challenges when the requirements include video calling.

agent video call surrounded by elements like user manual, video guide, participants


Call Recording on Autopilot

Very often the recording is triggered manually. The Recording Autopilot is triggered by a predefined event. Let's say, you want to keep records of what you showed the customer, you can start the recording every time a client starts to share her or his desktop automatically.

  • Tamper-proof recording in the cloud - untouchable by the client or agent
  • Automatic event triggered start/stop
  • Linking without thinking – recordings are saved in your CRM/CSM/CCSaaS and link the workflow and client


Team Coaching & Supervision

You might also know this phenomenon: You reach a certain level and then plateau – no progress for you on any level. In contact centers coaching and supervision enables team members to reach the next level of service quality. This can be productivity or caller satisfaction (or both).

One way to coach is in retrospect. The retrospective mode enables you to focus on behavioral patterns and analyze situations. Coach your agents on workflow details in one-on-ones using one or many recordings.

The supervisor mode lets you join any active conversation between clients and agents. This allows safeguarding the quality you worked hard for.

timeline illustrating situational screenshot when coaching


Invisible Helper in Stuck Calls

The real-time mode enables you to join a call. Invisible to the customer you can support your agent in many ways:

  • Harden patterns and routines your team just learned to resolve situations faster.
  • Fix a stuck call, so your agent is not blocked by providing a solution via chat.
  • Set markers you want to discuss later with the agent.

Both modes enable the contact center to speed up resolution times and push customer satisfaction to new highs.

Fast Ramp-up Times

Ramping up to a new position or an existing project can be a fast and efficient process. This can be achieved efficiently by: 

  • going through pre-recorded examples & cases
  • allowing the newbie to participate in live calls in silent mode together with a supervisor

The market demands high efficiency of your teams and coaching can bring them to new levels. The customers demand high effectiveness and will love you for speedy resolutions.

500 000 000

recorded streams every month with eyeson

Key Benefits

How you benefit

[ 00110001 ] Triggered on demand
[ 00110001 ]Triggered on demand

Trigger the recording only for the parts you need to have a proof for.

You could record everything but usually you are not allowed to or need to.

[ 00110010 ] Fully Customizable
[ 00110010 ]Fully Customizable

The service can be triggered by a simple call. Callback URLs see the file is stored with your data bucket in the cloud.

Top stream recording functionality without the operational overhead.

[ 00110011 ] Instant upload
[ 00110011 ]Instant upload

Less than 2 MBit/s per client is needed. Full support for every device.

No need to upgrade technical infratsructure because of recording and uploading.

[ 00110100 ] Integration in Minutes
[ 00110100 ]Integration in Minutes

Take advantage of our javascript library and have the basic implementation up within minutes.

Code smarter, not harder.

[ 00110101 ] User-based Pricing
[ 00110101 ]User-based Pricing

Simple pricing & licensing, just pay per user for our stream recording service. Free API key for testing.

Reduce development and infrastructure costs and focus on creating great services.

[ 00110110 ] Full Compliance
[ 00110110 ]Full Compliance

Meet country specific requirements, GDPR compliant, choose server location/provider.

Peace of mind for privacy and security.