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Just launched – Eyeson for Salesforce
Video meetings inside Salesforce with guided workflows and compliant document sharing
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Eyes on Public Safety: Revolutionizing Crisis Response with the Footage from Body-Cams


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Cloud Scaling Service

Experience the highest level of performance with our managed hosting and scalable cloud solutions. Optimize resources and enjoy seamless growth for your business.
Managed Hosting

Takes away server-related hassles

Full video processing performance with data processed in the cloud 

Simple extension from point-to-point to group video meetings

Supports parallel video sessions and service instances

Managed Scalability – Higher Performance

Managed Servers

To secure customers' performance Eyeson manages the cloud capacity, scalable video coding performance and data management. The Eyeson API guarantees resource optimization and therefore highest performance.

Kubernetes allows Eyeson to keep up with the requirements. It brings some great features that enable deploying applications fast with scalability in mind, such as when adding new servers quickly, automatically changing the number of running containers, health checks as well as self-healing, and so on.

Secure Meetings – Temporary Servers

For the users’ security, the Eyeson API generates an instant link to start a temporary server in the cloud that is unique for the given meeting. The meeting server will be running only for the duration of the meeting. Once the session is concluded, the server will be terminated and the data deleted. 

Being aware of the challenges of the digital environments, Eyeson guarantees customers 100% compliance with GDPR, country regulations, encryption, security and data protection.

Scaling Configuration

1 Cloud Instance = 1 API Video Session
To optimize the cloud performance the Eyeson API generates for every video session a unique virtual cloud server instance.

Eyeson enhances traditional workflows with a cloud-based video conferencing service that offers a 100% browser-based service with WebRTC technology - "made in Europe". Eyeson cloud services can immediately be used for worldwide scaling

Monitor Your Service Usage Eyeson provides a free self-service portal that is accessible anytime to easily monitor your service usage and track processes for the highest transparency in your processes.
MCU+ patented Single Stream Technology Eyeson is a technology leader in the field of Smart Unlimited Video Collaboration. The cloud software is based on the patented Single Stream Technology and is unlimitedly scalable. This results in smooth, high-quality video collaboration with constant bandwidth, regardless of the number of participants.

Single Stream Technology is implemented in Eyeson’s core video conferencing service “MCU+”, scalable via multiple different cloud providers.

Cloud Capacity

Default Cloud Service Providers
Choose one of our currently supported cloud service providers: Amazon AWS, T-Systems, Exoscale. Eyeson helps you choosing the provider that fits your needs.

On-premise Location
With our independent cloud approach, you can also use your own provider: a private cloud, a cloud provider you trust, or simply the cloud account of your company.
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