Real-Time Video Communication API for Immersive Virtual Engagement

eyeson helps any business to integrate video, voice & data, within one single interface, into their existing applications to support remote workforces and enhance international communication – without having to build the infrastructure themselves.

Designed for developers

We make it easy for anyone to get started with the eyeson API

The eyeson API provides a superior technical infrastructure for seamless integrations, data exchange and live communication.

Get your free API key

Sign up, claim your free API key and get all the resources & docs you need.

Start video service instance

Use a single API command to start a video meeting session with all eyeson features.

Use default UI to test the system

The link to the default UI is responded after you start the cloud service.

Powerful Components

Feature-rich & easy-to-embed for unlimited real-time engagement possibilities

Video Calls

Real-time audio and video engagement for your projects – easily integrated

Data Injection

Enrich your video calls with image or even other video data

Recording & Snapshots

Create and store recordings and snapshots of your video streams

Video Layouts

Set the video layout that works best for your case - easily assign participants

Live Streaming

Broadcast to platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter or Restream


Enable screen sharing and file presentations in your meetings

Default Interface

Use the eyeson default video meeting UI to quickstart your project

Unique Benefits

Managed infrastructure ready for massive scaling – eyeson solves real-life pain points.

Unmatched Scalability

Due to eyeson's Single Stream Technology, the bandwidth always stays the same, regardless of the number of video participants (1.5 Mbits up / download per client).

Integrated in Days Not Weeks

The eyeson API minimizes the length of code you'll need to write. Just one request and there you are – your first video call is ready.

Reduce Development Costs

Don't waste time building complex interactive video infrastructure. With eyeson, developers can focus on creating great services rather than becoming video experts.

Development Partner Program

eyeson partners with system integrators and development companies to provide individual communication solutions worldwide.

Reliable – 99.99% Uptime

Our server redundancy concept makes secure video conferencing available in parallel & guarantees that a failure is immediately absorbed by a second server.

Security by Design

For each given meeting, the eyeson API generates a link to start a temporary server in the cloud that will run only for the duration of that specific meeting.

Think big & build fast – video sessions with a single request

The most basic action, to start a meeting, only requires a single request to our service. A video meeting is prepared immediately and made available to be accessed. The service provides a secure access token to authenticate your user. To use eyeson as quickly as possible, simply forward your user to our default web UI.

  • Effortless testing with default UI
  • Experience the power of eyeson's Single Stream
  • Easily merge live data with your video stream
eyeson video call request
eyeson single stream technology

Easy-to-embed Single Interface for rapid development

It's never been so easy and fast to add high-quality voice & video calls to your projects. Deliver real-time engagement capabilities simply by integrating the eyeson Single Interface which is based on our patented Single Stream Technology. This innovative technology merges any live media, data and participants in real-time into a single video & audio stream.

100% cloud-agnostic service – without any infrastructure costs

eyeson cloud services can immediately be used for worldwide scaling. Currently supported providers are Amazon AWS, T-Systems, Exoscale, Alibaba Cloud.

  • Managing cloud capacity and availability
  • Full video processing performance
  • Simple extension from point-to-point to group video meetings
  • Supports parallel video sessions and service instances
eyeson cloud service providers

Financial Use Case | Partnership with NTT Data Group

eyeson is the preferred videoconferencing solution considering its easy integration and great configurability with high-level stability & security.

Why eyeson?

Developer's life made easy

With other APIs




coding weeks


servers to maintain


individual components

Competition needs loads of resources with complex integrations and isn't supporting any data in the video.

With eyeson API




coding week


servers to maintain


ready-to-use interface

eyeson is a game-changer in new digital services by supporting developers to easily realize complex digital workflows.

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