eyeson for education is easy and quick to set up and enables virtual learning and internal communication with colleagues. Easily invite colleagues and students with web-based video conferencing, even in low bandwidth environments, and with up to 100 people per video meeting.

No Installation

As simple as making a call (Access through any web browser for teachers and students)

Secure meeting rooms

One room for each classroom or course of study, crypted link and locked room, scalable anytime

Data Protection

100% Austrian solution with freely selectable hosting provider. Our cloud is GDPR compliant.

Visualize lectures

Share and annotate PDF documents, videos and more.


How video conferencing can support education


Move lectures & classes online

With eyeson, you can set up video meeting rooms for your individual classes or seminars. Replace lectures with video conferences and benefit from the vast advantages of online training.

Resume your everyday classes online by sharing images and documents with all participants.

Video conferencing as an alternative for team & parent meetings

Start holding your team and parent meetings with eyeson – regardless of the number of participants, the demand for bandwidth stays constantly low. Internal efficiency will be increased and collaboration encouraged.

Team Meeting

Integrate eyeson in your existing workflows

Seamless integration

The intuitive “rooms” can be used as classrooms or meeting rooms for colleagues and parents. They can be named and customized to fit your needs.

Flexible invite options
Invite students, parents, or colleagues through one of two ways: Permanent links for rooms that can be used again, for example for repeating classes. Alternatively, you can send disposable “Quick Join” links for one time meetings or guest lecturers.

Lock eyeson meeting rooms to stay discreet during team meetings or even in exams. The room system is easy to use and enables you to create meeting rooms for each patient with a history of all past meetings. Rooms can be reused anytime – the room link stays the same (if you want).

The ideal solution for the education area

Uncompromised data protection

Data protection is crucial when handling personal student information. With eyeson, you can decide where your video meetings are hosted. Therefore, serious details can be discussed while still acting GDPR compliant. We are happy to advise you on finding a suitable cloud provider.

Video meeting recording

For liability issues, documentation, and quality assurance video meetings can be recorded at any time. Only room members can access and download recordings.

Easy implementation and usability

Even less tech-savvy people will able to join your video meetings without any issues. Send the invite link to any device and one click will be enough to join the meeting. Invitees don’t have to install any software, they just need to enter their name.

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