eyeson for public administration and government is easy and quick to set up and enables both internal communication (government, legislature, ministries, state and city administrations, magistrate), as well as communication flows between various bodies of national, regional and local administration. Stay in touch with secure and easy-to-use video conferencing, even in low bandwidth environments.

No downloads

Browser-based meetings without installation or plug-in prevent malware exposure.

Data sovereignty

Choose your own cloud to creates barriers to the Cloud Act, FISA, SCA and ECPA

Data security

Uncompromising GDPR compliance on EU-based cloud infrastructure or private cloud

Low data usage

Flexible usage with low bandwidth requirements allow for mobile usage 

How can video meetings improve the public sector?

Hold internal meetings safely online

Necessary internal communication in public administration can easily be held using video conferencing with up to 100 possible participants. Replace meetings with video conferencing and take advantage of virtual work. By simply sharing pictures and documents with all participants, you can easily continue your usual meetings online.


Video meetings for communication between public administration bodies and external participants

Safely continue communication flows between different points of national, regional and local administration by using video conferences. The bandwidth requirements remain low, regardless of the number of participants. Video conferences can also replace general meetings between public administration offices and external participants in a scalable and secure manner – regardless of whether it is the implementation of a press conference with 100 journalists or an expert group.

Seamlessly integrate eyeson into your workflow

Das Erstellen von Räumen

The creation of so-called rooms enables an easy way to use eyeson both as a meeting room and for press conferences or speeches. Rooms can be customized and managed as required to suit your specific use case.

Flexible Einladungsmöglichkeiten

You can invite others in two ways – with permanent room links that can be used for as long as a meeting room exists, for meetings with your team for example. Alternatively, you can use quick join links, which are disposable and allow for one-time invitations.

Absolute discretion

You can lock meeting rooms any time for absolute discretion during team meetings. The room system is easy to comprehend and enables you to create specific rooms for different teams. The rooms can be used again at any time and the link to the meeting rooms remains the same.

Why eyeson is ideal for public administration and government

Uncompromising data protection

Especially in the area of ​​public administration and government, it is important to pay close attention to data protection. With eyeson, you can choose where your video conferences are hosted. This means you can also discuss important details and still act in compliance with GDPR.

Record your video conferences

Record your video conferences for documentation and later reuse. The snapshot feature allows you to take screenshots of the current meeting and share that with everyone in the meeting room. The history function also enables you to keep track of past meetings.

Easy rollout and easy use

eyeson is simple to use and enables even less technically savvy people to join a video conference without any problems. Invitations are sent to your smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop via a link. To join the meeting room, users will only have to click the link. Invited people do not have to download software or complete registration.

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