Quick and seamless integration: eyeson for telemedicine adapts to your technology and work processes. Support health care teams and patients with simple yet highly effective video conferences – even with low bandwidths.

No installation

Simple as making a call (Access through web browser for patients and team)

Secure meeting rooms

One room for each patient, cryptic link and locked room, scalable anytime

Data Protection

100% Austrian solution with freely selectable hosting provider. Our cloud is GDPR compliant.

Visualize therapy

Share documents like medical findings & record discussions

How video conferencing can support health care

Video Call Doctor

Video conferencing as an alternative for medical consultation

Video conferencing can support medical consultations with a diagnostic or therapeutic background. Connect doctors, patients and specialists for regular or urgent appointments. Speed up the collaboration between specialists during patient care.

Video conferencing as an alternative to meetings

In the hospital sector, video meetings can be used for internal meetings (team meetings, consultations, etc.) and meetings with externals or other units (patient transfers, research teams, etc.) – no matter if it’s 1 or 100 participants, the demand for bandwidth stays constantly low. Increase internal efficiency and encourage collaboration by using eyeson video meetings.

Video Meeting Team

Integrate eyeson into your existing workflows

Seamless integration

The creation of  “rooms” provides a simple way of communication for patients or meetings in the medical area. Rooms can be named and customized freely in order to meet your specific needs. 

Flexible invitate options

Choose between permanent room links and temporary valid “Quick Join” links to invite patients and colleagues to your video meetings.

Absolute confidentiality

Lock eyeson meeting rooms to provide discrete consultations and meetings. The room system is easy to use and enables you to create meeting rooms for each patient with a history of all past meetings. Rooms can be reused – the room link stays the same (if you want) for your patients.

The ideal solution for the healthcare area

Uncompromised data protection

Data protection is especially important when handling personal patient data. With eyeson, you can decide where your video meetings are hosted. Therefore, serious patient-related data can be discussed while still acting GDPR compliant. We are happy to help you find a suitable cloud provider.

Video meeting recordings

For liability issues, documentation and quality assurance video meetings can be recorded anytime. Only room members can access and download recordings. 

Easy implementation and usability

Even less tech-savvy people will be able to join your video meetings without any issues. A simple click on the link is will enable patients and team health care teams to join the meeting. Patients don’t have to install any software, they just need to enter their name.

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