No Installation

and as simple as making a call (access through web browser)

Super Secure

for recurring meetings, ad-hoc meetings and customer meetings

Data Protection

100% European solution and 100% GDPR compliant

Stable meetings

with max. 1.6 Mbit even with worse connection

Use case secure online meetings

eyeson as a secure meeting solution

Secure online meetings should be a matter of course. No matter whether it’s an internal team meeting, a customer meeting, a consultation or an exchange of ideas – the confidentiality of the discussions and the data has to be a top priority.

eyeson offers you an easy and secure way to communicate with your team or your customers, no matter where they are located.

Video Meeting
Link in Browser

No installation necessary

One of the biggest weaknesses in online meetings are the client applications that have to be installed on the devices (PC or Mac).

With eyeson you neither have to install a client application nor do the participants need administrator rights. eyeson works with all common web browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari) and this on every device.

So your computers and your meetings remain secure.

Up-to-date browser = secure online meeting

The beauty of this concept (and the security) lies in the browser. The eyeson user interface is 100% web-based and uses WebRTC technology. This technology is constantly being developed and is automatically delivered with every browser update. (More information:

So to ensure the best security, keep your browser up-to-date: hundreds of developers at Microsoft, Apple, Google and Mozilla are working just to keep you safe on the Internet – so your meetings with eyeson are always as safe as possible.

Browser-based meetings
Videomeeting Rechtsberatung

SaaS in the EU

eyeson is a European company and we commit ourselves without ifs and buts to the European laws, especially to the General data protection regulation – the GDPR.

Our servers are located 100% in the European Union. eyeson is constantly working on improving the security of your meetings and your data.

A server just for your meeting

If you enter a meeting room first, a virtual server is started especially for this meeting. This server did not exist before and is terminated shortly after the last participant has left the meeting.

This ensures highest security: For each meeting a cloud instance is used which can only be accessed during the meeting and only with a valid link. Zoombombing is impossible.

Secure meeting

Even more for your secure online meetings

Small tricks with big effect

Lock the meeting room

Lock every meeting room so that no one can get in

Reduced to just Meetings

Turn off unnecessary comfort features when creating a room (recording, gif reactions)

Guest link via Messenger

Send the guest link to join the locked meeting room via an encrypted messenger

Remove Users

Remove unwanted users from Meetings

More Information

You can find out how to create extra secure video meetings on our help page.


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