eyeson video meetings for real estate and wealth management is easy to set up and integrates seamlessly into your technology and work processes, enabling you to stay up to date at all times. Support your clients even in low bandwidth environments with simple, yet highly effective video conferences.

No Installation

As easy as calling someone on their phone (web access for brokers and clients, just open the link in your browser)

Secure meeting rooms

One room per client, with an encrypted link and the ability to lock the room

Data Protection

100% European solution with the ability to choose your hosting provider.

Visualize drafts

Share your drafts and documents, record your meetings

How can video meetings improve the real estate and wealth management sector?

Video Call

Why video meetings are ideal for real estate and wealth management

With the help of video meetings, you can advise your clients in real estate and wealth management regardless of their location. Present your drafts and presentations to your clients using highly secure eyeson.

Another example is the preparation in the event of a potential claim by simply sharing images and PDF files, the online meeting becomes effective and efficient for you and your clients.

How can I make use of video meetings in real estate and wealth management?

Particularly firms with remote offices and field teams can use video meetings to share visual information. Depending on the situation, this may be a better alternative than saying, “send it after the call,” allowing the entire team to see visual data in real-time and resolve matters on the spot. We ensure that the bandwidths usage remains low with eyeson, even during large group video meetings.

Team Meeting Legal

Integrate eyeson into your existing workflows

Seamless integration

By creating and customizing your meeting rooms, you’ll be able to easily stay in touch with clients and colleagues. Rooms can be named, adjusted and managed to fit your specific use case.

Flexible invitations

Choose between permanent meeting room links and disposable “Quick Join” links to invite clients and colleagues to your video meetings.


For confidential reasons, you may always choose to lock room during consultations and meetings.
The easy and intuitive room system allows you to create a unique room for each client and also gives you a full overview of past calls.

Why eyeson is ideal for real estate and wealth management

Uncompromised data protection

Mainly when dealing with personal data, it is essential to pay attention to data protection. With eyeson, you have the option to decide where your meetings are hosted. This means you can also discuss critical client-related details and act in compliance with GDPR.

Documentation via recordings & snapshots

For liability issues, documentation and quality assurance, you can take snapshots and start recordings at any time during your meeting. For data protection reasons, both snapshots and recordings are only saved on the server of the meeting. Guests who join via a Quick Join link can’t access any of this data.

Easy implementation and usability

The simplicity of eyeson also allows less tech-savvy people to join a video conference without any problems. Send your invitation to any device via a link. A click on this link is sufficient to join the meeting – no need for downloads or registrations.

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