Be Flexible. Work Remotely. Easy & efficient video collaboration for remote teams.

Remote Work

You cannot put all members of your team magically in one office room but with eyeson you can easily join a video meeting. Everybody can see each other and you can work efficiently together, regardless of your location. The following four arguments underline the added value of video meetings for remote work:

Connect your team

Although your remote working colleagues might wear pyjamas in front of their laptop or mobile phone, they appreciate a visual contact. To see each other on the screen including facial expressions & body language contributes to the overall team vibes. The better your team is connected, the better it performs in business. Relationship building is extremely important, even more, when a part of your team works remotely.

Reduce number of misunderstandings

Staying solely connected with email and mobile phone leaves many important parts of a vivid discussion out. As already mentioned, facial expressions and body language matters and contributes significantly to your conversations.

You can actually reduce misunderstandings and misinterpretations with video conferences since actively discussing a topic improves clarity. Moreover, to see another’s reaction when brainstorming or talking about a sensitive topic makes it easier to process the verbal reactions of your team.

Reduce costs & save time

Planning & going on business trips to see each other needs a lot of money and time. Video conferencing facilitates the team meeting process since traveling becomes redundant.

Review your meetings

Video conferencing enables you to record all your meetings. If you could not make it to a meeting, you can watch it later. Moreover, with eyeson you can record all your meetings for the whole team to ensure, that everybody is on the same page. This is especially useful if you missed taking notes on important topics.

Many people hop on the remote work train trend and use video conferences on a daily basis. eyeson is supporting this rising community by providing its video meeting tool in the web browser, mobile browser & and as an app for Android and iOS.

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