Webinars with eyeson


Hosting webinars has become so easy with eyeson. You just need a few steps and then you can live stream your content to your audience in Youtube and Facebook.

eyeson webinars can be appropriate for many use cases. Sales managers can introduce new products to their representatives, marketing managers have the ability to present new strategies to their department, professors can hold lectures or human resource managers can use webinars for further educational reasons. However, there are many more reasons for using webinars.

The main eyeson webinar preparations, as well as actions, are going to be explained in this article. Maybe we can motivate you for starting your own webinar soon 😉

eyeson Webinar Preparations

It’s really simple. The only prerequisites you need are a Youtube as well as an eyeson account. Both can be accessed via your Google account- no hassle. After logging in to your Youtube account, allow live streaming and activate your integrated AdSense account by allowing embedding. Now, your Youtube account is ready to live stream! Cool, right!?

With your Youtube account you can decide if you want to keep your webinar privately (only chosen participants can view it) or public. If you need more advice- our help center is well prepared 😉

For your webinar, an eyeson webinar group has to be created. Personalize it according to your preferences and invite possible co-speakers since multi-speaker webinars are possible as well.  Moreover, you can add a webinar replay and webinar image.

A webinar replay is a video which can be viewed by your webinar participants prior to your actual live webinar. Choose a Youtube video which might be interesting for your webinar participants for shortening their waiting time. However, a simple image can be illustrated as well. 

Invite as many participants as you want. However, viewer invitations can be also sent during the webinar via the QuickJoin option.

eyeson Webinar Actions

As you already may know, up to 9 webinar speakers can be visible within one webinar stream. Though, this video layout can be changed during the webinar. This is not the only cool feature eyeson is providing you.

Screensharing PDF/image sharing
As webinar speaker, you can share your screen with your audience. You can decide between your entire screen, an application window or solely a certain browser tab. Further, PDFs and images can be shared as well. Both processes can be started and ended whenever you want.

During an eyeson webinar, its viewers can actively participate by asking questions and making comments within a chat. However, they do not have the possibility to chat with each other. They can only ask questions to the speakers of the webinar. The speakers can then answer in the chat or they decide to show the question in the stream to all participants if they consider it as a valuable contribution.

Live Streaming Facebook
Although you are already streaming your webinar to Youtube, you can stream it to Facebook as well. Decide on which timeline you want to stream the eyeson webinar and you are ready to go. So simple 😉

After you have exited the webinar, you can download a CSV file where your webinar contacts are saved. This clearly facilitates your next webinar in regards to your participant list. 

For more information, visit eyeson.team.  In case you have questions, write at support@eyeson.team. Note: you can download our app as well 😉