Start eyeson team meetings in your Slack channel

Team Meetings

Do you love Slack as much as we do? We use Slack on a daily basis to communicate with our team colleagues. Either in direct chats or in channels – it links our team perfectly and allows us to discuss our latest projects and if we should have coffee now or later 😉 .

Slack facilitates our workday remarkably and pushes our efficiency. Though, it misses one important factor which increases productivity significantly: video communication. Therefore, we’ve decided to integrate eyeson into Slack. But what does that mean for you?

How it works

Well, after you’ve successfully connected your Slack and eyeson account you can start video meetings with just one click. You only have to enter /eyeson in your channel and then all your channel members can enter the meeting. Once, they’ve participated in an eyeson meeting, they can start team meetings at any time as well. This means that the members of your Slack channel equal the members of your eyeson group which results in the following:

Slack channel = eyeson group

You can even schedule eyeson video meetings as Slack posts a button to enter the meeting due to a reminder. Moreover, recordings, broadcasts, snapshots etc. of the meetings are saved in your eyeson accounts. Furthermore, you can play around with the animated GIF feature which makes all your team meetings way funnier 😉 .

In your Slack channel, you see exactly who is participating in the eyeson video meeting. Moreover, you can use the PiP (Picture in Picture) mode which enables you to use Slack and eyeson simultaneously (see picture attached). Another convenient add-on is the recording link which is posted in your Slack channel in case someone has started it. Even if you haven’t participated in the eyeson meeting, you can click on the recording link and watch it (also without an eyeson account). There are so many features to explore 😎 .

Manage your team meetings right

Slack as well as eyeson are specialized in teams. For eyeson, no admin is needed to start a team meeting as everybody is able to initiate one. Moreover, the audio and video quality stays crystal-clear while the number of video call meeting participants might rise. Up to 9 members can be visible simultaneously during a meeting and up to 100 can take part.

In case you have questions concerning this app integration, please write at If you want to try it out for free, please go ahead and create an eyeson account now.

Do you want more information about eyeson? Go ahead. In case you are interested in Slack, please give it a try. To get a little bit of aid to connect your accounts, go to our help center.

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