Brand New Video Meeting Features

timeline video meeting feature

Tadaaaaa 🥁 Our brand new video meeting feature is finally out. The Timeline! Our mobile developers Artur and Michael just released the new feature which helps you organize your next eyeson video meeting. Special thanks to them. So how does it look like and work?  🤨

Well, with the Timeline you can perfectly organize your meeting room. As you can see, your video meeting room is now split up into Timeline, Members and Meeting. In the Timeline, you can see when

  • New members enter the room
  • Members leave the room
  • The room image changes
  • The room name gets edited
  • … and more

Moreover, you can write chat messages within the Timeline now. So, you can easily arrange your next video meeting or just chat with each other. As you see, it facilitates your whole flow 😎

In the section Members, you see who is part of your group, who set up the room and invite new members. This is pretty nice since you get a sound overview of all room members. The meetings themselves are now started in the section Meeting 😉 Nice new video meeting features, right?

Video Meeting Features Unlimited

As you can see, you can use eyeson for private and business life. It is super handy, has a nice design and decent pricing. Video meeting rooms can be personalised for each event or occasion as names and images can be changed permanently. Moreover, Premium users can create as many rooms as they want. No limitations at all.

The video meetings themselves are always in HD. Up to 9 people can be visible within one meeting and access has only to be permitted to mic and cam.

It is available as an app for Android and iOS and you can use it as well with your laptop on the Web where you can enjoy many more features. The latest Web feature is the GIF feature. Interested? You should be since it is super funny and entertaining.

For more information visit or have a look at the Google Play Store or App Store.

If you have any questions concerning the software itself, write at 📩 We are happy to answer all your questions 👨🏻‍💻 👩🏻‍💻