Store your video meeting data in your Dropbox

Video Meeting Data

Saving your meeting data in your Dropbox? Well, that’s possible from now on. Our web developer Michael 👨🏻‍💻 is eager to provide you with a decent list of integrations. Read here how the new integration works and what else we offer 😉 .

How to store your video meeting data

Basically, it is very simple. Log in to your eyeson account and go to the eyeson AppConnect. There, click on Dropbox and connect your accounts. Then, a folder 📂 is automatically created where all your video meeting and webinar data is saved. However, note that only the recordings you started or snapshots you made are stored in there. The meeting data which was generated by your eyeson group members is not saved in your Dropbox folder.

eyeson’s other integrations

Besides storing your video meeting data in your Dropbox, you can also connect eyeson with Slack and Trello. In case you connect eyeson with the business messenger 💬 Slack, you can create eyeson groups for your Slack channels. Just enter /eyeson in your Slack channel and a video meeting is started. If you decide to record this meeting, the respective recording is then saved in your Dropbox. As you see, all integrations work perfectly together which facilitates your daily business ➿ .

The case for Trello is a little bit different as it is a project organization tool. There, eyeson can be added as Power-Up to one of your dashboards. After adding,  you can start video meetings in your board which is really convenient as you can see your project plan and your meeting participants simultaneously. Again, if you record such a meeting or make a snapshot, this data is stored in your Dropbox folder as well 😉 .

Moreover, you can stream 📺 your video meetings and webinars live on Youtube and Facebook. For streaming, you only have to connect your eyeson account once and you are ready to go.

Integrations facilitate your daily workday. Adding them is recommended since it saves you and your team time which can be spent on something else.

If you have questions, please go ahead and get in touch with us at We are happy to help you anytime 🤗 . In case you want to have a closer look at our tools, go to our homepage. Moreover, you can also download our app for Android and iOS.