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video call license

Every licensing system works a little bit different. To highlight ours, we decided to provide you with a sound overview 😉 Basically, it is super easy and the only necessity is a valid credit card, debit card, etc. So, do not be afraid… to get your video call license feels like home shopping 🛍

Why do I need a Pro/Corporate license?

Well, this is an important question which has to be answered first. eyeson Pro or Corporate enables you and your team an unrestricted use of the software. This means that no limitations apply to you which is really convenient since 90% of the video calls are very important meetings. You do not schedule a video call for no reason 🤨 With the license, you can use all Pro/Corporate features like:

  • Unlimited video call groups
  • Unlimited guests
  • Unlimited video call duration
  • Screen sharing
  • File sharing
  • Recording
  • Live streaming
  • Adjustable layout
  • Snapshots
  • GIF reactions
  • Quick Join
  • etc.

If you want to read more about it, go to our pricing overview. There you see a detailed overview of all the features and peculiarities which come with the Pro and Corporate license.

Although you might not need all the features, you can try them out and see that they can be actually very helpful in some situations. In addition, you’ll get a personal customer support agent which takes care of you and your team.

Get your video call license now!

You can get a Pro/Corporate license before or after you’ve created an eyeson account as you’re getting a license key which has to be activated. Moreover, you can decide between a 6-month or 12-month plan. Depending on your license choice, you can get up to 25% discount!

As a next step, you have to decide on the size of your license. Normally, our customers choose licenses with 10 or more hosts since they purchase a package for the whole team. You can opt for 1, 10, 20 and 30 when it comes to the Pro license. If you serve a bigger company you have to go for the Corporate solution which offers 50, 100 and 200.

As you can see, we feature here our Pro plan. If you need more than 30 hosts, click on NEED MORE? After you’ve decided on a plan, click on Buy Now. Decide on a payment method and voilá: your license key is ready to use. If you bought a team package, you just need to enter the email addresses of your team as well.

video call license

After the 6 or 12 months, the license ends automatically and you’re getting downgraded to the free version. If you want to keep eyeson Pro/Corporate, you have to pay for the next time period.

If you want to know more about it, write at For more information, go to our webpage.

Moreover, as you might know, we offer an Android and iOS app as well. Note: if you want to use them as well with your Pro/Corporate license, you have to use the same email address.

And of course, you can just log in to your eyeson account and buy the Pro or Corporate license now 😉