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Working Remote
October 13, 2020
Remote Working Workflow: 6 Steps To Improve It

Remote working, once a popular new trend in business, now a reality for millions of people around the world. Unfortunately, most teams now operating remotely were not prepared for this...

Securtiy Measures for authorized persons
October 5, 2020
Security measures: 5 ways to effectively communicate them

Security measures cannot be underestimated and a multilateral approach to communicate them needs to be applied since it influences several factors starting from physical security where the main aim is...

Video Conferencing for informal meetings
September 28, 2020
Using “Informal” Video Conferencing to Add Easiness and Joy

Video conferencing as part of the new normal: it’s not a secret that COVID-19 changed the course of running a business all over the world and the chances are that...

Remote Worker - Mental Health
September 23, 2020
How to support your remote workers’ mental health – 5 Tips

More and more remote workers - since the onset of the COVID19 pandemic, a lot more people have started working from home. While some people see working from home as...