The eyeson AppConnect: the place for successful collaboration

Successful collaboration

When you are working in a team, successful collaboration is definitely one of the key points. All members of the team have to update each other on a regular basis to assure that everybody is on the same page. Moreover, certain actions can be discussed as advice is always welcomed by everybody.

However, often all members of the team are not located at one place. Andrea might work from home, Michael is probably on a business trip and Florian works anywhere in a different city. Therefore, eyeson and other collaboration tools are needed.

Why eyeson facilitates successful collaboration

eyeson is based on groups. This means that everybody in an eyeson group can start video calls at any time. No admin is needed and all group members can invite new participants. In case that an external person attends a meeting, the QuickJoin link can be used. Further, up to 9 people can be visible simultaneously and up to 100 people can take part. 

eyeson is eager to facilitate video communication back to its most important points: great technology which is easy to use. Complicated paths and appointment arrangements are consciously avoided to assure successful collaboration. The invitation process is based on very simple principles: just send a link to the ones you want to invite to. These people only have to click on it and voilá: they are part of the group.

Moreover, no downloads are needed as eyeson is web-based. Convenient, right?

With which tools can I use eyeson

eyeson serves Slack, Trello and Dropbox as an integration. This means that you can connect your eyeson account with these tools. In Slack and Trello and you can then start video meetings right from the tools. The connection with Dropbox lets you store your meeting data automatically in your own storage.

Another two nice integrations are Facebook and Youtube. There, you can stream your video calls and webinars live. Everything free of charge 😉

If you have questions, please do not hesitate and write at If you want to know more about eyeson, visit our homepage.