Station F: eyeson joins Zendesk partner program in Paris!

Station F


If you know anything about STATION F (the Paris-based business incubator for startups), you will have by now heard that eyeson has won the Zendesk assessment to join their partner program in the 13th arrondissement.

STATION F is kind of a big deal in today’s startup industry. Paris has, for a long while, wanted to be Europe’s (and, to a lesser extent, the world’s) headquarters in terms of entrepreneurship and STATION F certainly is an excellent contender. It has been financially backed by billionaire Xavier Niel to the tune of EUR 250 million and continues to become more lucrative.

The ultimate goal of STATION F is to house the biggest number of startups, venture capital firms, incubators and accelerators on earth. They were created with entrepreneurs in mind and it is the perfect place for entrepreneurs to set up business. It is definitely the place to be if you are a startup!

With a surface area of around 366,000 square feet, STATION F houses 3,000 desks and resembles a university campus rather than a corporate workspace. It boasts a laid-back and relaxing atmosphere with comfortable armchairs, chessboards and some of the most incredible art installations you are ever likely to see.

The large STATION F building, with its 3,000 startup desks, also has 26 international status programs and even has a space for makers. For leisure time, folks can kick back and relax in the bar, restaurant, cafe or even in one of the 4 kitchens on the premises. In addition, there are 8 event spaces which further makes it an attractive place in which to work.

The building housing STATION F is, in itself, highly impressive. A former rail depot, it was designed by the talented French engineer, Eugène Freyssinet and first opened its doors in 1929. Since then, it has seen extensive renovation by local architects, Wilmotte and Associates and it now fully meets the requirements of several start-ups in the region.

If that’s not impressive enough, the building is home to the biggest restaurant in all of Europe, La Felicità (which has a total surface area of 4,500 square meters). The food court is also a great place in which to sit down for a meal as it boasts five Italian restaurants.

La Felicità

La Felicità

eyeson & Zendesk – Video Call Supported Customer Service 

With the above in mind, you will understand why it is quite an achievement for eyeson to partner with STATION F!

As a video conferencing and webinar application, eyeson provides high-quality online meeting rooms for Zendesk tickets.

If you were wondering where Zendesk fits in, well they are one of the leading providers of customer service software. They make use of a ticketing system whereby customer support agents can allocate specific customer tickets. eyeson is a great partner at STATION F as they are able to provide the perfect support for this type of software. For instance, eyeson can troubleshoot problems visually through the use of video calls. Customer support agents can easily use eyeson for a variety of functions including live chats with other agents, the initiation of virtual meetings from tickets and inviting clients. In addition, their video-based escalations enable agents to connect in real time, within the same platform, to solve any issues.  Click here, to go to eyeson’s Zendesk marketplace entry.

Currently, Zendesk provides customer support to an impressive amount of people working at STATION F: a whopping 3,000 which is the total number of workers at STATION F.

Video conferencing is now easier than ever with eyeson and users really enjoy the exceptional functionality such as the ability to invite a non-Zendesk member to join a virtual meeting, its integrated live chat feed and presentation of files. 

The entire eyeson application originates from a single platform and the service provided is efficient and highly useful in the STATION F environment.

Their program is designed in such a way as to create the very best in business opportunities for a startup. With their extensive industry experience, they can offer entrepreneurs a wealth of practical tips, internal expertise and access to a worldwide network. This is very valuable insight to any startup, especially in the early stages.

eyeson is conveniently available in the AppConnect environment and their applications are the ideal solution for those working in teams. eyeson’s incredible service offering speaks for itself as it has been written about in publications such as Der Standard, The Wall Street Journal and Product Hunt.

eyeson utilizes Single Stream Technology which means that a meeting room is conveniently not affected by the number of active participants. This means that you can use minimal bandwidth while, at the same time, benefitting from great, HD quality: it’s a win-win situation! In fact, all you need to do is register and have an internet connection and you will be able to initiate a video call with eyeson. Initiating a virtual meeting call is therefore incredibly easy, user-friendly and even fun!

People are using eyeson for the easy way in which it allows them to have their daily stand-up meetings, for 1-on-1 calls, coaching sessions, product demos and much more. In addition, you can have up to 9 people visible in your call and 100 members can participate! Another advantage is their screen and file sharing features, YouTube, Facebook, live streaming, GIF reactions and many more.


In the STATION F environment, Zendesk provides free office space for 2 workers, free access to Zendesk events, free sponsorship of the Zendesk Roadshow and various other Zendesk events (plus a co-hosted Zendesk workshop), high quality consulting from Zendesk’s Go-To-Market team and a complete Go-To-Market plan that explains Zendesk’s integration of their products. Zendesk is also assisting eyeson in their European sales market.

STATION F is constantly in a state of flux. Zendesk, which provides a free of charge customer support tool to STATION F, has relocated its Paris team (comprising of around 10 team members) to the premises.

There are various startup programs on the STATION F campus and anyone who wishes to work at the STATION F campus should take a look at their offerings and select the program best suited to them. Currently, there are 47 desks available by Zendesk, with over 5 desks available per startup.

If you are interested in joining them, well Zendesk co-founders Royston Tay and Alexander Aghassipour, together with BIME Analytics co-founder Rachel Delacour and the co-founder of Zompim are assisting in the evaluation of potential accelerator startup candidates.

Program director at STATION F (Roxanne Varza) is incredibly passionate about what is happening there and can often be seen chatting to people at STATION F about the challenges and difficulties she, too, has faced. The overall atmosphere at STATION F is definitely one of collaboration and sharing which is wonderfully positive.