eyeson’s easy group video call license system

Group Video Call License

No worries – everything is super easy as you can buy our group video call licenses simply online. Read here how our system works 👀 . Basically, we offer FREE, PRO and CORPORATE. These 3 packages vary in terms of feature availability, limitations and of course: pricing.


You can eyeson use for free. As we do not offer a free Pro trial we decided that you can get acquainted with the tool by using a limited version. So, what’s included? Well, you can generate 1 video call group in which you can host video meetings with up to 30 minutes ⏳ . However, you can invite as many group members as you want. Though, you can not personalize your group (image, name, etc.). Though, it is absolutely sufficient in case you want to be convinced that it is a great software 😉 .


Pro is our most popular package 🥇 . All features are included and you can create as many groups as you need with as many members you want. Therefore, you face no restrictions at all. In case you have questions, we support you by email or in if needed with a demo. Moreover, you can buy PRO for up to 30 hosts. How does our licensing work?

Well, if you buy a team license you have to distribute it among your members. This means, that you get one key 🗝 to activate this license and then you add your members by entering their e-mail addresses. However, it is important that you use the e-mail addresses they used for creating a free account.

However, if you buy a group video call license for 12 months and one of your members is substituted by a new member after 3 months, you can easily transfer this Pro license to the new member. As you bought the license key, you have the power to distribute, revoke and store the licenses among your team. It is a very simple and easy system.


Our package Corporate was created for bigger companies starting from a team license from 50 members on until 200. If you need a bigger license, please get in touch with us. Corporate users get a Personal Customer Support Manager and receive frequent product training if needed. Moreover, webinar and video call analytics, as well as domain licensing, is included as well. You can even display your company logo.

Group video call licenses explained easily

Generally, you can buy licenses for 6 and 12 months including volume discount. If the subscription is not prolonged, your team gets degraded to the Free plan. Therefore, we do not pursue a subscription model. For Pro and Corporate, our Android and iOS app 📲  are included. Just note that you enter the email address you used for your web account. However, you can buy the apps also in the Google Play and App Store for less money, though, then the web application is not included. 

Another aspect which has to be considered are our integrations which can be added in the eyeson AppConnect. So far, you can connect Slack, Trello, Dropbox, Youtube and Facebook. With an eyeson license, you can connect your account with all integrations free of charge.

So you know now how your group video call license system works? We hope so 🤓 . In case we missed an important detail or you are still struggling with our licensing system, please get in touch with us at support@eyeson.com. We are delighted by any requests.

Have a look at our pricing model by yourself. In case you want to try it out first, please go ahead and create an account.