eyeson meets Trello


As a group video call provider, eyeson can be perfectly integrated into many tools. For Trello it serves as so-called Power-up to start video calls right away from within your board 🎦 Read here why Trello helps you organizing your projects & tasks and how you can integrate eyeson.

Organize your projects with Trello

With Trello you can basically track the progress of your projects since your dashboard keeps you up-to-date ✅ Moreover, Trello is highly customizable as it is up to you how many statuses you set. For example, you could organize your tasks very simply into To Do, Doing & Done 📋 In addition, files can be attached to single tickets, colors can be dedicated to different teams etc. To see how it could look like, we’ve provided the following simple example for you:


As you can see, we created 4 different columns, though, we would be able to create more if we would like to. We named them To Do, In Progress, Done and Reports.  Andrea is currently working on the ticket Google Play Store Description. So far, she is working alone in Project A and she uses often the sales report as it is attached to one ticket.

However, we’ve started just with the basics here. There are many more functions which can be explored by yourself 😉 As you’ll experience, Trello is easy to use and reveals a great usability. Organizing your projects feels simply natural with it.

Use eyeson as your Trello Power-up

With eyeson as Power-up, you are able to start video calls right away from within your Trello board 🎦 Especially, daily stand-up meetings can be facilitated since all your tasks and projects are visible at one glance. Moreover, with eyeson you have the possibility to share your screen. Therefore, you can even show the statuses of your tickets to your team members.

To add eyeson as a Power-up you only have to click on Menu and then on Power-ups. After you’ve found eyeson in the section Communication & Collaboration, click on Add and voilá: eyeson is ready to use in your Trello board. The following video visualizes these simple clicks:

eyeson & Trello: a special relationship

eyeson and Trello are already connected since July 2017. Since then, we caught up in San Jose, CA and in Lisbon, Portugal. Attached you’ll see a picture from the WebSummit with our web/iOS developer Michael at the Trello booth.

If you want to know more about eyeson, visit eyeson.com. In case you are interested in our app, go to the Google Play Store or App Store.

Do you have a question? Please write at support@eyeson.com. Our support team is happy to answer all your questions… or you start your own video call right away and log in to your eyeson account 😉