Collaboration tools are synergizing: eyeson & Trello

Collaboration tool

Is Trello one of your favorite collaboration tools? For us it is! We love to organize our projects with Trello 😍 . It provides us with an excellent overview of all the tasks which have to be done for a project. Moreover, it stores also information which is relevant for the whole team. Therefore, the team can be perfectly kept in the loop ➰ .

How it works

As communication is essential when it comes to project planning and execution, we’ve decided to integrate eyeson into Trello. This means that you can start video meetings directly in your Trello board in case you want to talk about project related tasks immediately. Our top-notch web/iOS developer Michael 👨🏻‍💻 did a great job as this is possible now.

Once you’ve added eyeson as Power-up to your Trello board, the whole team can start/join eyeson video meetings at any time. After everybody has at least once joined an eyeson video meeting in the Trello broad, he/she is automatically part of the eyeson group itself. Therefore, your eyeson and Trello accounts are connected 🤝 which lets the eyeson timeline store all relevant meeting information like recordings, broadcasts, etc. As a result, you have a detailed list of all your project-related video communication activities.

In which other collaboration tools is eyeson integrated

eyeson is already integrated into Slack. There, you can start group video calls right away from your channels with all your members. You only have to connect your Slack and eyeson accounts and enter /eyeson- then you are ready to start meetings at any time. The next applications in which eyeson is going to be integrated are Dropbox, JIRA, Freshworks Talkdesk, and Zendesk. Stay tuned.

I want more information

In case you want more information about eyeson, please have a look at our homepage. We would be also delighted if you write us an email at

For busy people who are always on the go, we offer an app for iOS and Android 📱 .