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business video communication

Video meetings have to be on point. Therefore, there is absolutely no time for choppy sounds, freezing pictures or dropped calls. eyeson collected your paint points and developed software on which you can rely on. Let’s evaluate here, why already so many people chose us as their business video meeting tool.

eyeson is based on WebRTC standards which means that no native programs have to be installed before video meetings can be started – everything happens in the web. Accounts can be created with a simple email signup. This means that within seconds you are ready to start a video meeting, without installing and setting up complex accounts.

Unlike other tools, you buy your eyeson license without any other bells and whistles. eyeson is specialized in providing you with high-quality video communication including great features. Nothing else.

How it works: if you want to have a video meeting with your team, just create a group and send out the group link. With this link, everybody can join the group and then he or she can start and take part in video meetings at any time. If an external person has to join the meeting spontaneously, you can invite him or her with the QuickJoin link. This link is for one-time use and does not require any signup for the guest. Easy to use and no hidden obstacles.

In the meeting itself, everybody has the same rights. As the video below shows, people get their spot according to the first come first serve principle. Though, the layout can be adjusted as well if needed.

business video communication

Crystal clear Video & Audio

So why our customers enjoy a better video meeting quality? Technology is the key word here! We are using the Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) technology for our video meetings. The MCU encodes, decodes, mixes up all the streams into one at a single time and sends it then out to all participants. Therefore, each client has only one common stream. Due to this technology, the bandwidth and CPU stay constantly low at the client side which is decisive for a great video and audio quality during the whole meeting.

As the number of your video meeting participants might rise, it does not affect your video meeting quality as everybody receives ONE stream.

business video communication

Due to the cloud, own content can be created as well. Recording video meetings, taking snapshots, streaming live on Youtube and Facebook can be done by all meeting participants. A total feature list can be found on our website.

Why are just a few using the MCU technology?

MCU technology needs a lot of expertise and computing resources on the server. Moreover, it is quite complex. Many of our competitors use the Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU) or even the Peer-to-Peer (Mesh) technology which makes typically sense when just 2 people are in a meeting since such meetings are not bandwidth or CPU intensive anyway. However, 1-on-1 meetings are quite rare and are not the use case. If you want to read more about these technologies, visit our blog.

MCU technology is simply the best video communication technology on the market right now.

Nominations 2019

It is just the beginning of February and our business video communication tool got already two nominations. Softwareworld ranked us among the top 10+ video meeting software 2019 and the German online magazine trusted.de nominated as a trusted business tool of January 2019.

If you want to receive more information about our business video communication tool, please write at support@eyeson.team. In case you want to talk personally to us, book a demo.

You can also create an account for free to try it out or you can visit our website.