The next bottish webinar presents: new work

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Have you already heard of the term new work? In case you haven’t – don’t worry. In the next edition of bottish on the 21st of March, three specialists talk about this trend. They are going to explain how technologies are shaping how we work, where we work, and the skills we need to have to work in these new settings.

What is: new work

Digitalism is changing the world of work decisively. The focus has shifted away from certain structures, hierarchies, and processes and therefore the term humanity has come back to interest. Technology has already token many parts of work over with prospects of increasing this phenomenon. Therefore, the structure and balance of the working human itself are questioned and this is the reason why this position has to develop as well.

Technology is facilitating certain aspects of business as well. As an example communication can be highlighted. During the last years, business communication has changed so much: video conferencing is partially replacing business traveling, emails are sent instead of letters, business messengers are used to communicate within the company, bots are used to answer simple customer inquiries, platforms facilitate customer support, marketing, and sales at once, etc.

The topic of new work is relevant for everybody since everyone is affected directly as well as indirectly by this trend. Contributing to this topic are the following three passionate specialists:

Ieva Martinaityte Phd Lecturer in Business & Management University of East Anglia, Creativity Researcher in residence Dovetailed

Matthew Mottola Future of Work and On-Demand Talent Platforms Microsoft & Guest Lecturer Georgia Tech

Carolina Yeo Partner – Work Forum, Head of HR, Founder, Coach, Speaker


What is bottish

bottish is an independent, non-profit organization which shares knowledge about bots, Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and robotics for free. Thomas Schulz, the founder of this exciting community, wants to answer one simple but quite complex question: Who shapes the world of tomorrow?

Therefore, specialists are talking frequently about topics, which are indeed shaping the future. With already more than 100 international speakers, 8,000 webinar participants from more than 25 countries, bottish is definitely an organization, which is clearly demanded by the open-minded and technology interested community. The next talk is going to be on the 21st of March 2019. Do you want to be part as well? If so, register here for free.

Participation is always free. Everyone can watch the bottish webinars together or in private. The only necessity is registration. Basically, it is a very simple but strong concept. Moreover, eyeson, which is streaming these events, can be used for free after the webinar as well.

Why bottish is streamed by eyeson

eyeson is an Austrian video conferencing and webinar provider. Thomas Schulz decided to use eyeson as it offers the necessary option of multi-speaker webinars which can be streamed on Youtube and Facebook. The speakers can talk to each other to exchange knowledge and talk about upcoming trends. Moreover, the audience can ask questions and add comments by writing in the chat. These messages can then selectively be streamed into the webinar by the speakers. The outcome is a very vivid, inspiring and open-minded discussion.

I want to get more information

If you are interested in the speakers of the upcoming bottish webinar, watch Matthew’s and Ieva’s short intros. Both introduce themselves and provide insight into what they are going to talk about in less than 2 minutes.

You can also visit the homepages of eyeson and bottish. As already mentioned, for participation registration is necessary. Moreover, you can get an eyeson license discounted 40% if you are a member of the bottish community. However, you can also try out eyeson for free.

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