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About the affiliate program on Impact Radius

Becoming an affiliate with eyeson is easy. Just apply for the eyeson reseller program on Impact Radius. This is how the application looks like on Impact Radius:

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Start right NOW with “Apply to campaign” on the application page:

As soon as you have completed your application, eyeson can review it, and you can start selling license keys. Margins are shown on Impact Radius directly. All you need is to add our tracking code to your affiliate activities.

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eyeson.team has partnered with Impact to provide you with a market-leading the performance-advertising campaign.

If you are entirely new to affiliate marketing (or performance advertising), then Impact Radius can provide you with free tutorials and help on how to be successful. If you are an experienced marketer, then you will love the state-of-the-art technology platform, the rich suite of creatives, and the real-time reporting capabilities.

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How it works

Affiliate linking methods we provide

Text links

You provide a website with a text link with our tracking code. If your reader clicks on the link, his/her browser will bring up a page containing a landing page on our site (e.g., https://www.eyeson.com/remote-team-meetings/). The advantage of text links in an affiliate program is they are part of the content of your website, and so the links don’t look so much like advertisements. For a lot of affiliate sites, this is the most natural way to integrate affiliate links.

Banner links

These links appear as boxes, usually containing words and some graphic elements. They may be the best choice when you think a text link doesn’t do enough to attract visitors.


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